▷ 5 pages to download YouTube videos that work [2020]

5 Websites to Download YouTube Videos That Work in 2020 1

"YouTube to MP3", "Download YouTube videos", "Convert YouTube to MP4" ... The number of search intentions related to downloading YouTube videos is increasing. The number of web pages that today work correctly due to the platform's copyright policies are not. Most have limitations that interfere with the final quality of the video or the overall length of the clip. For this same reason we have compiled several of the most important web pages of 2020 to download YouTube videos without programs on Windows, Mac and Linux .

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  • iTubeGo
  • Keepvid
  • Savefrom
  • Download YouTube
  • Notube


One of the most complete pages to download any YouTube video. Its biggest advantage is that it does not have any type of duration limit , unlike other platforms. Nor does it include an exorbitant number of advertising.

itubego 0

The operation of it is really simple: just paste the link of the original video in the search box. Later, the page will allow us to download the video in question at a maximum quality of 720 frames in MP4 format . We can also opt for more limited formats by clicking on the Download other formats button.

itubego 1

By clicking on any of the links we will get advertising in the form of pop-up windows. All you have to do is close the window to click the download button again. 

If, on the other hand, we prefer to download videos at a higher quality (1080p, 2K…), the page will suppress the audio to reduce the final file size .

  • Access the web


Best known for its Android app. The popular download platform is compatible with practically any page that hosts videos on its servers: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, among many others. Best of all, it does not limit the final quality of the videos , allowing us to download any video in 1080p, 2K and even 4K. We can also choose multiple download formats (MP4, WebM, MP3 and a long etcetera).

keepvid youtube download 1

To proceed with the download of the videos, the procedure to follow is very similar to the previous one: just add the video link to the search box and choose the most optimal download format. Unfortunately, the web has quite a few ads in the form of a pop-up window  that we will have to ignore.

keepvid youtube download 0

For this reason we will have to click several times on the download buttons to download the original file. Unfortunately, the download speed is quite limited .

From the page itself they warn that if the download process does not start after clicking on the corresponding button we will have to right-click on the Download button and choose the option Download linked file , as we can see in the image above.

  • Access the web
  • Download application for Android


The simplest - and the most limited - website to download online YouTube videos. Again its operation very similar to that of iTubeGo. The difference from the previous two is that we can only download videos in a single format and two qualities: MP4 at 720 and 360p . To download videos in other formats and qualities we will have to resort to the paid version or the web extension for browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox).

savefrom youtube

Another way to access the web is based on adding the letters "ss" next to the original link of the video, in such a way that we have something similar to the following:

  • Original video link : www.youtube.com/48Jksl234L
  • Video download link : www.ssyoutube.com/48Jksl234L

If we choose this route , we will be redirected to the paid version . If, on the other hand, we opted for the free version, we will have to be careful when pressing the Download button.

Like Keepvid, we will have to press several times on the button in question to start the actual download of the video file. The rest of the occasions we will get advertising in the form of a pop-up window and programs of dubious quality that from tuexperto.com we advise against installing.

  • Access the web

Download YouTube

It is a curious page that we can access in two ways: either through the domain bajaryoutube.com or through the original link of the video and the domain bajaryoutube.com . If we choose the second way, we will have to proceed as follows:

  • Original video link : www.youtube.com/24JWFK24lj2
  • Video download link : www.bajaryoutube.com/24JWFK24lj2

After accessing the download page, we will only have to click on the green button See download links I am NOT a robot to see the different links, not without first going through a couple of emerging advantages. Finally, we will click on one of the download links so that the web begins with the download of the file in question.

download youtube video 0

It should be added that the video quality limit imposed by the platform is 720p in MP4 format . We can also choose to download audio files.

download video youtube 1

Luckily we do not find any type of limit for duration or number of downloads.

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We come to the last alternative. Together with Savefrome, it is one of the simplest pages to download videos. All you have to do is add the reference link and previously select the download format, which can be  MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, FLV or even M4A .

5 Websites to Download YouTube Videos That Work in 2020 2

Then the web will begin to process the file in question to prepare the download. Before proceeding with it, we will have to go through a couple of pop-up windows that we will have to close to finally download the real file. The good thing is that the download speed is quite correct if we compare it with the rest of the pages. Nor do we find an apparent duration limit, unlike other proposals.

We do not know the maximum quality that the website supports, since it is not indicated on the platform. Predictably we will find videos in 720p.

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