The best pages to play Trivia for free

The best pages to play Trivia for free

Trivial is one of the best games we can find, to enjoy some games with our best friends, or the most beloved family members. It is a question and answer game that has managed to withstand the passage of time very well, adapting to new trends. We present you the best web pages, which you can use to play Trivial online and totally free.

Why play Trivial online

Playing Trivia online has many advantages over the traditional board game. The most important advantage is that the number of questions and answers that exist is much greater , so that it will be practically impossible for someone to learn them all by heart.

A fairly virtual problem in the Trivial board game is that the owner ends up memorizing all the questions and answers that the game offers, since as a general rule, he will be the user who has played the most times. This puts you at a clear advantage over other players, plus it can end up ruining the fun.

Another advantage of playing Trivial online is that you can play anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. You will not have to carry the board game , and you will not have to make a financial outlay to acquire it. is a Spanish website that allows us to play Trivial online and for free in a very simple way. The interface of this website has been designed keeping in mind that it is as user-friendly as possible . That is why it is very simple and there are no distracting elements.

Another advantage that this platform offers us to play trivia online is that we can choose the themes , which we want to be included in the questions of the game. This is something that can add quite a bit of variety to your games.

Trivialonline 1

Trivialonline 2

Without a doubt, it is a very interesting option that you should try if you are a fan of this classic question and answer game.

We continue with another website to play trivia for free and online, this time it is a platform that offers many more options than the previous one, making it ideal for users looking for a higher level of customization. You can play without registering, although it will be much more limited. Registration is free, so you don't lose anything by doing it.

trivinet 2


A great attraction of this platform is that it supports questions created by the community . This is very important, because it makes the set of questions and answers available in the game always growing.

You also have the ability to create groups to play with friends, family, even strangers. One of the most interesting points is the tournament mode, which will face a multitude of players. seeks to offer a trivial experience as similar as possible to the traditional board game . That is why the questions correspond to the same categories as in the original game, in addition to the fact that the board looks the same. trivia

It is the simplest proposal of all those we offer, but this does not necessarily mean that it is worse than the previous ones. It is surely the best option for users used to playing trivia in the traditional way, who want to enter and play a game, without having to adapt to a new style of play.

What do you think of our proposals to play Trivial online and for free? You can leave a comment with your opinion, we would love to hear from you.