How to receive Outlook emails in Gmail


Currently, it is very normal to use two email accounts from different companies. Each service has its advantages and most users do not want to stick to just one . To this we must add that sometimes we find ourselves with the situation of not wanting to provide the email account that we usually use for personal use, so it is always essential to have another one to give depending on what occasions. Outlook and Gmail are two of the most popular email managers in the world. With this in mind, today we are going to show you how to receive Outlook emails in Gmail , it will prevent you from giving unnecessary trips to your secondary account.

Outlook , formerly known as Hotmail, is Microsoft's proprietary email manager and one of the first to revolutionize the mail industry. You most likely have an account with this provider, especially if you have been using the Internet for a few years. At present, Gmail is considered the first mail service, it can be said that with the Google boom many users decided to migrate their emails to this service. If this was your case, and you still do not receive Outlook emails in Gmail , we will tell you how to do it. Enter your Gmail account and go to the Settings section (You will find it on the gear wheel at the top).


Once inside settings, click on the Accounts and import tab . Then click on Check email using POP3 and then Add POP3 email account. You will see how a window opens. In it you must enter the email address that you want to add to Gmail , in this case Outlook , although you can also write any other. Also insert the username you want to appear as an alias. To continue, click Next step.

After following these steps, now the most important configuration window will give you two options that allow you to send mail with current address of Gmail or servers using SMTP in Outlook, with which your mail will appear Outlook as the sender. In this case, it not only indicates that you want to receive the emails from your Outlook account in Gmail, but also that you want to keep the sender and not show the Gmail email address . Select: " Send through SMTP servers ". This will automatically load the SMTP data from Outlook by default, thus being able to configure the account correctly.

Now all you have to do is add your Outlook account password and click on " Add account ". If the information you have entered is correct, Google's email service will connect to the server and send a confirmation email to your Outlook account . A code will be displayed that you must enter in the next window to finish the whole process. As you can see, receiving Outlook emails in Gmail is very simple. Now you will no longer have problems of not reading, or reading late, an important email.