These are the 36 new emoticons that we will see on our phones

new emojis 04

The ninth version of the popular colorful emoticons is now a reality. And its extensive catalog presents a series of new icons that contribute to complete its particular dictionary . Surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to express a relatively complex feeling and have seen to your misfortune that there was not an emoji elaborate enough to express what you wanted to summarize in a single character. For this reason, the Emoji Subcomittee (ESC for its acronym in English) has launched a new package with new faces from among the more than 400 proposals that they received . Facebook, Skype, WeChat ... So are some of the news that we will find in the new version on the different platforms for which they are available.

new emojis 01

In this first table we can see what so far are the most popular emojis in the first classifications made by the subcommittee. Love is the new great protagonist of this chart with a new icon that surrounds the smiling face of three hearts. A kind of evolution of the famous kiss and the eyes with the hearts that comes to mean something like sigh of love. Silence and complicity are the second to give way to extreme happiness. Many faces that show positive moods, surprise or at most emojis 02

In the following emoticons we see a little more creativity. Especially the one that pretends to be vomiting or the one that combines the typical smiling emoticons with that of the noisemaker and confetti . Likewise, emojis are enriched, making them much more expressive, such as the one that raises the hand to the face or the different ones that gesture with the mouth and the supposed lips. Some are practically the same as previous designs that have been given a new visual profile. It is strange to see the one that includes the ok replacing the eyes, the smile remaining intact.

new emojis 03

At the end of the list, we find the emojis that the subcommittee has classified as the least popular so far but without a doubt we can see many details and a lot of expressiveness. Some respond to mere aesthetics such as the one wearing a monocle or the one showing an exaggerated pose of disbelief. The last one on the list is quite striking, with a clear emo-skeptic cut, the one with the bruised face that seems to have been beaten up and the one who greets in a quasi-palatial way. We find the same pattern on the new angry face that presents green as a novelty, introducing a new pose between the classic yellow and orange-red.

As we can see in the detail of the table, in turn, the emojis undergo slight modifications depending on which platform is being used. Some of the emoticons are not available for Facebook or Skype , while many of them have a very specific design for these programs. Without a doubt, one of the biggest updates due to its large quantity… Although perhaps none of them live up to the paella emoji .