Android 9 Pie, the 10 changes compared to Android 8 Oreo

Android 9 Pie, the 10 changes compared to Android 8 Oreo

It is the new version of the Google operating system. The most anticipated, after having had time to learn about Android 8 Oreo for several months. The edition has been dubbed Android 9 Pie and which is based on Artificial Intelligence systems, it has just been announced right now. So it is already available.

In this way, the version that until now experts and developers had been testing, has just reached its final stage. So, starting with Google's own devices, starting today it will begin to reach users. And it will do so through the version number 9.0 and the nickname Pie. 

The Google company has decided to break all the forecasts, which pointed to a final presentation for August 20. But that, in view of the calendar, has been considerably advanced. If you are wanting to know what its most important features will be, keep reading below. 

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1. Adaptive battery system

Let's start with one of the most important features of this Android 9.0 Pie, specially designed to improve the experience of users on board their devices. We are talking about a new adaptive battery system, also known as Adaptive Battery or Adaptive Battery , with which the platform will be able to recognize and study your usage patterns to better manage the equipment's energy. It is, in this sense, that you always have battery for the applications and services that you use most often.

2. Predictions for certain stocks

To facilitate the operation of the device and therefore the user experience, what is known as App Actions has also been included in this version . And what exactly does this consist of? Well, in the possibility of predicting what you want to do.

It's about not wasting your time and, in any case, streamlining your daily tasks as much as possible. For example, that when you connect the headphones your favorite songs appear or that certain applications or daily actions that you usually do in the morning or that you need when you are at work are prioritized.

3. Slices

The Slices will arrive in the fall. So users who can update from now on, will not have the opportunity to enjoy them. Not for the moment. It is a tool that will allow users to access the sections that interest them most in each application faster. It is about getting more information instantly, such as the prices of a service or a certain product , without having to navigate too much through the application.

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4. Adaptive brightness system

A good way to save energy and to better enjoy the content on the screen is to have a brightness control system that is automatic and adaptive. This is another of the functions that come on board Android 9 Pie and that has been baptized as Adaptive Brightness or Adaptive Brightness.

The system is responsible for learning what your preferences are regarding the brightness of the screen. And for this, it also takes into account the ambient light. This system is very efficient, so that in addition to improving the operation of the screen, it lengthens the available energy. 

5. Easier navigation

The functions included in an operating system such as Android (which users ask for so much) are increasingly complex. However, the navigation system of the device is becoming increasingly simple and uncomplicated. One of the new advantages of Android 9 Pie happens precisely because of this.

The start button is clear and is located in a central position. Plus, just by scrolling up you'll have access to full-screen previews for the apps you've used recently.

Another function that is integrated into these navigation facilities is the one known as Smart Text Selection. This is an intelligent system that recognizes the meaning of the selected text and offers you the possibility of carrying out certain actions.

6. Redesigned and improved Quick Settings

To the previous changes, based on the operation of the home screen, we must add more things. One of the most important new features has to do with the quick settings system or the so-called Quick Settings. This is a vital function for users who often activate and deactivate options from this space. With Android 9 this section has undergone a redesign , so that taking screenshots (one of the most helpful functions) will be much easier.

The volume controls have been simplified, which we access so many times throughout the day, a button to confirm the rotation and an easier mechanism to manage notifications .

7. A dashboard for the user

Also known as a dashboard, the new dashboard will be very useful for users who want to manage their use of the device. It is a good way, without using external applications, to know how you spend time on your mobile , how many hours you spend on apps, how many notifications you have received and the number of times you unlock the device.

8. Application timer

And it is precisely in this line of control that the new Android 9 Pie applies what is called an application timer. Through this system, users will be able to manage how much time they want to spend using each of the tools or services, getting notifications every time you are close to exceeding the limit . If you want to curb your addiction to certain apps, this option will come in handy.

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9. Do not disturb mode

How many times has a notification interrupted you just when it was least appropriate? The Do Not Disturb mode that Android 9.0 brings is not only responsible for deactivating notifications for incoming calls or text messages. In this case it also makes any visual interruption on the screen disappear (while the mode is on)

10. Wind Down function

And we end with the last function that Android 9.0 releases in this version and which has been dubbed Wind Down. This feature is used to activate a Night Light when it gets dark and activates the Do Not Disturb function. At the selected time, the screen turns gray to remind you that it is time to go to rest.