How to find a telephone equivalent to a 901 or 902 pay number

How to find the phone number equivalent to a 901 or 902 toll number

We have all found ourselves in the need, at times, of having to call customer service. When the telephone is free, it is less lazy to face the arid company of dealing with telemarketers or, worse still, machines, which we do not understand. But if the phone is paid, then we already raise our eyebrows. For example: to make a return on Amazon and you want it to be picked up at home, there are times when you have to call UPS. The number they offer is 902. A call of about five minutes, more or less what it will take to carry out the management, is almost 3 euros. In the end, the return will have a cost, when in principle it is free (according to certain reasons).

In 2017, the European Court ruled that using premium rate numbers, such as 901 and 902, for customer service was totally illegal . A company must have a free telephone so that the client can communicate with them at no extra cost. Or, at least, have a normal telephone line that does not cost the user an extra amount of money.

For this reason, we are going to try, with this special, to give all our readers the possibility of finding a toll-free number for each number 902 or 901 that is found. Yes, companies usually already have other means of communication, apart from the 902 telephone, but it does not interest you to know. It does not matter because with the other numbers, of course, they will earn more money.

Websites that offer an alternative to the number 902

One of the easiest ways to discover what the 900 number is equivalent to any other additional rate is, of course, through web pages. One of the most popular and used by Internet users is or, what is the same 'No more 900 numbers'. This website is configured as a great search engine for the user to enter the number 902 that they have. In a moment, the page will offer the user a series of equivalent phones, and totally free, that will be able to help him in their management without having to spend a penny.


For example, let's try the UPS number we referenced earlier. We place the number 902 in question in the search bar and press enter. Now, we will have a series of entries related to that number (be careful that the first results are always ads and are not interesting). We go to the first result that is not promotional: we click on it and see how we are offered several telephones in the province of Madrid that we can call . It's not free, but at least it won't cost us as much as a 900 number.

In '' the system is similar: we must enter the telephone number 900 in blocks of three (this is important, if not, it will not identify it) and then we will have the equivalent numbers at no extra cost . We can also locate a phone through the company to which it belongs. A somewhat more attractive website than the previous one but both are perfectly functional today.


Search the phone directly on Google

If you don't want to waste time entering websites, you can also search for the phone in Google itself. You have to put the phone number plus something similar to 'equivalent number' in the Google search bar . We have tried the previous one that we have used as an example and the results have been automatic. There are times, even, that just by entering the full phone number, Google detects that you are trying to locate its free equivalent and it is the first result that it throws at you. Everything is to avoid spending too much when we have to resolve issues with our products.