The PADRE program to help with the Income Declaration disappears

The PADRE program to help with the Income Declaration disappears

The FATHER program disappears . We had already caught him, darling. Until last year we used it to file income tax returns. But modern times have come to the Tax Agency and from now on, it will be necessary to render accounts with the State through the Renta Web service.

The next Income Tax campaign, in which we will have to declare our 2016 income, will start on April 5. Thus, all those who want to submit their return electronically (without queues or waiting) will be able to do so from that date. Another thing will be those who prefer the face-to-face system. In that case, they will have to wait until May 11 and request a prior appointment with the Tax Agency officials.

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Main novelty: the PADRE program disappears

One of the main logistical innovations this year is, without a doubt, the disappearance of the PADRE program. Last year, the Tax Agency launched the online tool Renta Web. It is a service that has not lost its validity and that, in fact, will be the only one that will help us to file the return online.

However, last year (for the Income 2015 campaign) the Renta Web system coexisted with the PADRE program . It could only be used, yes, by taxpayers who declared economic activities: the self-employed. Thus, those who were used to the old system had it easier. The rest of the citizens have already tested the operation of Renta Web.

The Tax Agency will save having to update the PADRE program every year and make a version for each operating system. But how does Renta Web work? Is it a more practical system? The answer is yes.

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Renta Web, the income statement from the browser

This year we will all go through the tube. Self-employed, entrepreneurs, employed workers ... We will all have to make the Income declaration through the Renta Web . It will not be necessary to download any program and we can access it from the Tax Agency's own page.

There we will find a button that says Draft / declaration processing service (Income Web) . You will have to click here to request the draft. We can do it through several ways: by SMS, with the Cl @ ve system or with electronic DNI. The simplest system is the first. However, you should bear in mind that it will not be fully operational until April 5.

Then the draft data will be uploaded to the program and we can start managing the different pages of the declaration. You have to modify, fill in and delete the data that is necessary so that everything that the Treasury asks us to be recorded.

In the end, you will have to confirm and indicate to the system which account you want to make the deposit to (if it comes out to be returned) or how you want to pay it (if it has been paid). Actually, you will see that the system is very similar to the environment of the PADRE program. You will not get lost at all.

Check the return

When you have submitted the return (the sooner you take that weight off your shoulders, the better) you will have the opportunity to check how the procedures are progressing . From the Tax Agency page you have an option to check the status of the return.

However, if you have entered your phone number, you will also receive mobile alerts . Thus, when you receive the return you will know it directly, without having to make any consultation.

Keep in mind that the Tax Agency has a deadline until December 31, 2017 .