Samsung QLED Q85R, TV with Quantum 4K processor and HDR 1500

Samsung QLED Q85R, TV with Quantum 4K processor and HDR 1500

your expert RECOMMENDEDThis year we have a new addition to the Samsung QLED TV family. The Samsung QLED Q85R ranks just below the Q90R we saw the other day, with a Direct Full Array Premium lighting system . Regarding the top-of-the-range model, the HDR system also changes, to become HDR 1500. Otherwise, the new Quantum 4K processor with Artificial Intelligence and the new Ultra Viewing Angle technology are maintained. There is also the rest of the news that we will have this year. The Samsung QLED Q85R includes the improved Smart TV system with the Bixby assistant, as well as compatibility with Alexa and the Google Assistant. All this with the single cable connection, the Ambient Mode system and the news for gamers. Very soon it will arrive in Spanish stores in 55, 65 and 75 inches. Let's take a look at its features and launch prices.


Diagonal55, 65 and 75 inches
Resolution and technology4K, Quantum HDR 1500, Ultra Viewing Angle, Ultimate UHD Dimming, HDR10 + and HLG, Quantum 4K Image Processor with AI
Panel typeLED with Direct Full Array Premium lighting
SupportStraight base
Operating systemTizen tv
ControlOne Remote Premium
Sound4.2ch, 60W, Dolby Digital Plus
ConnectionsDual tuner T2CS, 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB, LAN
Wireless connectivityIntegrated WiFi and Bluetooth
OthersInvisible Cable, Ambient Mode, SmartThings, No Gap Wall Mount
Dimensions (with base)55 inch: Not available

65-inch: Not available

75-inch: Not available

Weight (with stand)55 inch: Not available

65-inch: Not available

75-inch: Not available

Release dateComing soon
Price55 inches: 2,250 euros

65 inches: 2,900 euros

75 inches: 4,200 euros

New Quantum 4K processor with AI

in-depth Samsung QLED Q85R processor

Samsung maintains its commitment to LED technology this year, so they have focused all their efforts on creating a more powerful processor. To achieve this, algorithms with Artificial Intelligence have been used that are capable of scaling any type of content to the 4K resolution of the panel.

The new Quantum 4K processor is capable of performing these complex operations with images from any source, including streaming services. Thus, a better image quality is achieved whether we are watching DTT or a YouTube video .

In addition to including this powerful image processing system, Samsung has also worked to solve one of the biggest problems in LED technology. We talk about the viewing angles. The new Ultra Viewing Angle system has managed to maintain image quality with much wider viewing angles. According to Samsung, they have increased the brightness of white light at an angle of 40 degrees by 13% compared to last year's models. They have also reduced the luminance of the black level at 40 degrees by more than 50% and have improved color performance.

Direct Full Array Premium and HDR 1500

in-depth Samsung QLED Q85R direct full array

Although the processor is the same for the entire 2019 QLED range, not all models have the same characteristics. Regarding the top-of-the-range model, the Samsung QLED Q85R includes changes in the lighting system. We went from Direct Full Array Elite to Direct Full Array Premium . As we discussed in other articles, Samsung has not specified the differences between these systems. However, the logical difference is that the difference is a decrease in the individual lighting zones.

We also have a clear difference in the HDR system of these two models. The Q90R has an HDR 2000 system, that is, with 2,000 nits of maximum brightness. For its part, the Samsung QLED Q85R equips the HDR 1500 system , which means a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits.

Minimalist single cable design

thoroughly Samsung QLED Q85R single cable

The current trend of television manufacturers is to offer the greatest possible role to the panel. For this there are two clear premises: reduce the frames that surround the screen and use a base that is as compact as possible . Both are met by the new Samsung QLED Q85R.

To this must be added the use of a single cable to connect the television with the One Connect box. This cable, which we saw last year, sports an almost transparent design that makes it practically invisible.

In addition, this year the Ambient Mode function returns . With the idea that the television does not turn into a giant black screen in our living room when it is off, last year Samsung created this function. What it does is turn the television into a kind of giant box where we can place everything from images to basic information.

in-depth Samsung QLED Q85R ambient mode

With Ambient Mode we can turn our television into a large painting with the best-known works of art. Or put our own photographs or drawings. Even interactive artwork. All with the idea that the television is another decorative objective.

Smart TV with Bixby and new features

Although Samsung already has one of the most complete Smart TV systems on the market, year after year it tries to improve it with new functionalities and applications. In 2019 the Unique Guide has evolved so that it is capable of recommending content even from the services to which we are subscribed.

In addition, Bixby comes to televisions eager to demonstrate what it is capable of. Samsung's assistant is now able to have more fluid conversations thanks to “conversational continuity”. In addition, it has improved questions and answers; as well as smarter recommendations.

in-depth Samsung QLED Q85R Bixby

And if we don't want to talk to Bixby now we can also do it with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant . We only need some of the smart speakers to be able to control the TV using voice commands.

Additionally, the Samsung QLED Q85R (and its companions in the QLED range) will receive Apple's AirPlay 2 feature this year . Also the ability to access iTunes content , something that has never been seen before.

And the SmartThings system that we learned about last year is not lacking . With it we can control our smart home from the TV.

Designed for gamers

The QLED televisions of 2019 arrive loaded with news for the most gamer users. First, they have AMD FreeSync technology , which allows reducing input latency and jumps in the image if we have an AMD graphics.

in-depth Samsung QLED Q85R games

On the other hand, the “Dynamic Black Equalizer” function has been included . It essentially raises the black level to give dark scenes more visibility, without any color distortion in bright scenes.

It also has a "Game Enhancer" , which provides more color and contrast to the image and improves the sound of games. In addition, like the 2018 models, they have panels that support 120 fps images, including those with 4K resolution.

Pricing and availability

In-depth Samsung QLED Q85R pricing

Samsung's new QLED models are already beginning to reach Spanish stores. The Samsung QLED Q85R we don't know exactly when it will, but it shouldn't take long. As for the price, we start from 2,250 euros for the 55-inch model . It can also be purchased in 65 inches with a price of 2,900 euros . And in 75 inches with a price of 4,200 euros .

This means that, in large sizes, the price difference compared to the Q90R model is between 400 and 800 euros. We can only know which model is best when we test them.