Convert songs to MP3 format (1st part)

Convert songs to MP3 format (1st part) 4Do you want to put the songs from a CD in your portable MP3 player ? Many people use Nero for this purpose. But you can also do it with other programs. Therefore, we will teach you to convert songs from a CD into MP3 format with Windows Media Player from Microsoft and the iTunes of Apple .

The process is simple. But it should be noted that, when copying music from compact discs, both programs do so by default in the formats promoted by each of their creators: WMA in the case of Microsoft and AAC in the case of Apple.

We just have to make some adjustments in the settings so that the files are copied in MP3, the format compatible with all digital players.

Follow these steps …

Let's start with Windows Media Player . We open the program and put the CD in the reader of our computer. We have to choose the large Rip from CD tab . When you do, the list of songs on the disc will appear. Next to each song there is a box. They are all checked by default, but you can deselect those that you don't want to copy.

Access the Tools Menu and enter Options . In the window that appears, click on the Rip music from CD palette . Click on the drop-down and choose the MP3 format . By clicking on Change you can choose the folder in which the copies of the songs will be saved.

Convert songs to MP3 format (1st part) 4

By moving the bar below you can adjust the sound quality . By increasing and decreasing it, the program automatically tells you how much space the created folder would occupy. The maximum quality you can get is 320 Kbps .

If what you want is to listen to the songs with headphones on your player, it is best that you choose a quality of 192 Kbps , since you will not notice the difference and you will save space to save more songs. The last step is to press OK in the window and then click on Burn . And ready.

With iTunes the process is quite similar. As in the previous case, we open the program with the disk inside the reader. On the left, under Devices , the title of the disc will appear. Click on it and choose the songs you want to record, clicking directly on the titles while keeping the Shift key pressed (on your keyboard, the one with the up arrow).

Then you enter the Advanced Menu and choose the option Convert selection to MP3 . It will automatically save the songs within a folder in your iTunes directory, with a sound quality of 128 Kbps by default . If you want more sound quality, before doing all this you have to access the Edit Menu and enter Preferences . Please click on the palette Advanced and then down a little in Import .

Convert songs to MP3 format (1st part) 4

Next to Import Using , choose MP3 Encoder , and under Setting , Higher Quality (192 Kbps) or Custom (to set higher quality) . Then click OK and repeat what we explained in the previous two paragraphs. At the bottom of the window the program will tell you the space occupied by the copies of the selected songs.

In the next installment , we will explain how to convert songs that are in another format to MP3.