What to look for when buying a refurbished laptop

What to look for when buying a refurbished laptop

Thinking of buying a second-hand laptop? We offer you some tips that can help you make a better deal, and get a product that meets your needs. Keep reading this article if you want to learn how to make the best purchase possible and avoid getting ripped off.

The problem of buying second-hand laptops

There are many problems that can appear when buying a second hand laptop. In addition to our concern about criminals selling stolen laptops to unwitting customers, we must also warn about other drawbacks such as battery life . If a laptop is two years old or older, then the maximum battery life will be much shorter than when it was new.

Here is a list of tips to guide you through buying a second-hand laptop online.

Ask for proof of purchase

Ask for the proof of purchase of the laptop

To make sure that the laptop has been buying legitimately , it is best to ask for the physical or digital invoice. Also, if the device is still under warranty, the invoice will be required for any claim you have to make.

Most sellers should offer it without asking for it, many times it usually appears among the photos of the product on the site where they advertise it for sale.

Check if there is a return policy

You won't find any casual sellers who offer a return policy, but some people sell goods on professional websites like eBay, or other well-established retailers.

In most cases they offer a return period of 30 or even 90 days in case you are not satisfied with the product. Of course, 90 days is not the same as a one-year warranty on refurbished Amazon notebooks, but it is a good period. You should also check how long the seller has been in business, as well as read customer reviews to make sure they comply with their policy.

Meet in a public space

When buying through a website like Wallapop, the buyer and seller often meet in person to make the exchange. If you can help it, try not to go to his house or any other secluded place . Agree to do the deal during the day, in a very crowded area and with surveillance cameras around, scammers often hate these places. Coffees are ideal for this purpose.

Check it out

Check that the laptop works

It is obvious, but many times we forget. Turn on the laptop and use it for a few minutes to see its behavior. Also examine it for external faults, and make sure all load components are present and in good condition.

If something worries you, do not go ahead with the deal, a slightly dubious outlet will not get stronger with more use, quite the opposite.

Check that it has been factory reset

Before you agree to meet with the seller, check that the laptop has been factory reset. There are many reasons why you don't want a device to come to you with the access data , files and Internet history of a stranger.

Pay safely

Pay safely

Avoid bringing large sums of money to the sale if you do it in person . PayPal is a great option because the money is in the hands of an intermediary service before going to the seller.

Also, you should keep in mind that having a digital record of the payment means that the seller is much easier to locate if something goes wrong.