Fortnite users with Skin Galaxy will have new exclusive accessories

 Fortnite users with Skin Galaxy will have new exclusive accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hit the market with a very interesting surprise for Fortnite players. They exclusively launched the availability of the game on Android, in addition, all those users who acquired a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4 would have the Galaxy Skin, one of the most exclusive skins in the game. Unlike other packs, the Samsung one only gave you the skin, without accessories, or dances. Now, it seems that the company will continue to add new accessories. 

This has been announced by Samsung together with Epic Games. All those users who own the Galaxy Skin will receive three new accessories for the suit . It consists of a delta wing, a backpack and a peak that continue with the mechanics and with the design so characteristic of the suit. Users will receive these new accessories starting November 1.In principle, it will be necessary to have these devices (Galaxy Tab S4 or Galaxy Note 9) to receive the accessories, you must also have the Galaxy Skin in your account. These kits should be obtained automatically, without performing any extra challenges or playing games. Also, as it is an exclusive Samsung accessory, it will not be available for sale in the store. Here you can see the new accessories that will arrive next week, very much in line with the style of the suit.

The South Korean company not only gives a skin and accessories to users of the Galaxy Note 9 , they also run different contests and promotions with one of the best players, Ninja. The last contest was to record an epic move with the Skin Galaxy. The reward? Join the Ninja Galaxy Squad team, consisting of Ninja, Travis Scott and Awkwafina. In addition, Samsung has other promotions, although they do not apply in Spain. For example, the possibility of getting free Turkeys.

Without a doubt, it is very good news for all those users who have one of these two devices. In addition, it makes us believe that S amsung could continue to launch exclusive accessories for these terminals. It is likely that the next releases will also present news only for owners of a Galaxy mobile or tablet.

Via: SamMobile.