These are the televisions that make up Sony's 2019 LED range

These are Sony's mid-range TVs for 2019

Sony presented its new high-end models at CES 2019. But these are not the only ones that will make up the company's range of televisions for 2019. The Japanese manufacturer has prepared a whole new line of mid-range and upper-middle-range models for this year . We will have sizes available from 43 to 75 inches, with basic and advanced models. From the Sony XG70, a model with basic 4K resolution without Android, to the Sony XG83, a model located in the upper-middle range with an X1 processor and Android TV operating system.

Now we will take a look at all the available models, but Sony has wanted to keep a very similar design throughout the range this year . Most models have very minimalist legs at the ends, which manage to give the panel all the prominence. It also highlights a very thin border surrounding the screen and Sony's TRILUMINOS technology, present in all models. From there, we have different characteristics, although the vast majority have Edge LED lighting. Let's see them in detail.

Sony XG70

The Sony XG70 series is the entry-level range to this year's televisions from the Japanese manufacturers. It is made up of 16 models with diagonals ranging from 43 to 65 inches .

All XG70 series models are equipped with the 4K X-Reality PRO image processor  . They also have a TRILUMINOS screen and ClearAudio + sound .

Being the most basic range they do not have Android TV , which does not mean that it is not a Smart TV. The XG70 has access to YouTube and a Smart Plug & Play connection that allows you to share videos, photos and music files from various devices to the TV.

Sony XG80

One notch above we have the XG80 series . This is practically identical to the XG70, but includes the Android TV operating system . We thus have the 4K X-Reality PRO image processor and the TRILUMINOS screen.

By having Android TV, we will have access to Netflix (with a direct button on the remote). Also the Google Assistant , which will allow us to control the TV using voice commands.

The XG80 series is made up of five models with diagonals from 43 to 75 inches .

Sony XG81

The XG81 series slightly changes the design of the legs to use a flatter model. At a technical level, the 4K X-Reality PRO processor, the TRILUMINOS screen, the ClearAudio + sound and the Android TV operating system are maintained.

The XG81 series is made up of three models, with 49, 55 and 65 inches .

Sony XG83

Sony mid-range TVs for 2019 XG83

In the XG83 series we are already beginning to see a change at a technical level, as it replaces the 4K X-Reality PRO processor with the 4K HDR Processor X1 chip . It incorporates Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mapping HDR technologies to reproduce enhanced depth and textures.

The rest of the features are maintained, with the Android TV system available. The XG83 series consists of seven models with diagonals between 43 and 49 inches (at least for now, only these appear on the Sony website).

XG85 Series

The XG85 series is characterized by including the 4K HDR Processor X1 processor with Acoustic Multi-Audio sound system . This sound includes two sound positioning tweeters at the rear of the TV, as well as Bass Reflex speakers to offer better sound.

In addition, it is the first model in the LED range to include support for HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound . There is no lack of the Android TV operating system with the Google Assistant and a renewed remote with an intelligent system to control all kinds of devices.

The XG85 series is made up of no less than 15 different models with diagonals ranging from 55 to 85 inches .

Sony XG90

At the top of Sony's range of LED TVs we have the XG90 series. It is composed, for the moment, by a single 49-inch model . It is equipped with the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme processor and with X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology . This ensures that dark scenes are darker and bright scenes even brighter.

In addition, the XG90 series has a Full-Array Local Dimming lighting system and X-Motion Clarity technology . The latter maintains fluidity and clarity in fast-action scenes. Of course, it is also compatible with Dolby Vision and has an Android TV system.

Sony XG95

At the top of Sony's range of LED TVs we have the XG95 series . This encompasses the latest Sony technology for those who prefer LED lighting to OLED.

Thus, it is equipped with the X1 Ultimate image processor and has X-Wide Angle . This system allows to maintain vivid and realistic colors from any angle. It also features  X-Motion Clarity technology and the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO system . And of course the Full-Array Local Dimming lighting system .

All this imaging technology is completed by the new  Sound-from-Picture Reality technology and the Acoustic Multi-Audio system . Also, these TVs are compatible with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos . And to run the whole system we have Android TV.

The XG95 series is made up of four different models with diagonals of 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches . At the moment Sony has not confirmed the availability or price of any of the models. We will keep you informed.