LG sound bars, the ideal complement to live a cinema experience

LG sound bars, the ideal complement to live a cinema experience

A simple and comfortable way to improve the sound of our television is to use a sound bar. Most models have only one main unit that we will have to connect to the TV. And that's it, with a single cable we will have a powerful sound system, without having to get into complicated installations. If you want to watch movies or any other type of program without wiring the living room, sound bars can be a great option. And LG is one of the manufacturers that is most committed to these devices, with models for all budgets. So let's review the LG soundbar range for 2018 .

Before going into detail about each model, it is worth noting some common points. LG is betting very strongly on Dolby Atmos technology . The SK10Y, SK9Y and SK8 models are equipped with this 360 degree surround sound technology. On the other hand, almost all models are capable of playing Hi-Res music files up to 24bits / 192kHz .

Also, most LG soundbars are compatible with Google Assistant . That is, they can be controlled with your voice. In addition, they allow the passage of 4K HDR signals, have wireless connectivity and with Chromecast integrated. In short, they are sound bars prepared for the future and that offer a complete audio system in very little space. We are going to review the available models.


in depth Sound bars LG LG SK10Y

At the top of the range of LG sound bars we have the SK10Y model. It has been developed in collaboration with MERIDIAN Audio , a leading company in the sector. The British have designed and equalized the sound of the bar, including its “Bass and Space” and “Height Boost” technology.

It offers a 5.1.2 speaker system for a true Dolby Atmos experience . It has the function of adjusting the volume of the top speakers and even adding wireless rear speakers. That is, we can mount a 7.1.2 system with up to 690W of power.

All this together with the functions mentioned before, such as  Google Assistant, Chromecast or the possibility of playing high resolution audio .

The LG SK10Y sound bar is already on the market with a price of 1,200 euros .


in depth Sound bars LG LG SK9Y

The LG SK9Y is the evolution of the spectacular LG SJ9, which we had the opportunity to test last year. It is also part of the high-end LG sound bars. It comes equipped with Dolby Atmos , a surround sound system in which sounds move according to the objects in the video. With this system, sounds move in all directions, providing a 360-degree sound experience.

Like its older sister, it offers the possibility of adding the SPK8-S speaker kit . This will allow us to get a 7.1.2 sound system. It also includes Adaptive Sound Control, which identifies the content that is playing and automatically adjusts the sound mode to improve the listening experience.

The LG SK9Y has an HDMI input, an optical digital input and an Ethernet connection . It also has wireless connectivity, both via WiFi and Bluetooth. We can get the LG SK9Y sound bar with a price of 900 euros .


in depth Sound bars LG LG SK8

If what you are looking for is a sound bar with quality but more compact, you can opt for the LG SK8. It has Dolby Atmos technology , although this time it is made up of a set of 2.1 channels . Its total power is 360 watts.

The LG SK8 allows you to enjoy the highest quality sound up to 24 bit 192 kHz . In addition, it has Google Assistant to control the bar with your voice. It also integrates Google Chromecast , which will allow us to play songs directly from the mobile.

On the other hand, the automatic equalizer adjustment system optimizes the sound quality to the maximum depending on the content being played. In terms of connectivity, it has an HDMI input, a digital lens and a LAN port.

In short, one of the most interesting LG sound bars. We can get the LG SK8 with a price of 550 euros .


in-depth LG SK6F sound bars

With a design similar to the previous model, but with a much more adjusted price, we have the LG SK6F . It is a 2.1 channel soundbar equipped with the DTS Virtual: X system . This achieves a multidimensional sound, more immersive, louder and more extensive.

This soundbar is Hi-Res certified , so it can reproduce lossless stereo audio at up to 96kHz / 24-bit quality. In addition, it works with Google Assistant and has Chromecast integrated .

It offers a total power of 160W and has HDMI and digital optical input . It also has built-in WIFi and Bluetooth 4.0 . If you have a tight budget, the LG SK6F is a good option among the LG soundbar catalog.

We can get it in specialized stores with a price around 400 euros .


in depth Sound bars LG SK5R

If you are looking for a complete surround sound system, but without complications, you can take a look at the LG SK5R . It is one of the most complete models in the LG sound bar catalog.

And the SK5R includes wireless surround speakers , which offer an immersive experience thanks to the rear effects speakers. It is also compatible with DTS Virtual: X , a Virtual 3D sound system that allows you to create surround effects with any content.

With a discreet and elegant design, the LG SK5R offers Hi-Res sound, an HDMI input, an optical input and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity . The total power of its 4.1 system is 280W.

We can get the LG SK5R soundbar with a price of 350 euros .


in-depth LG SK1 sound bars

The SK1 model closes the range of LG sound bars . It is a small soundbar, but it offers a total power of 40W . It has a built-in woofer to enhance the bass.

It connects to the TV using an optical cable. But it also has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity . It is also compatible with the TV remote control, thus avoiding having to change the remote control.

So, if we want to improve the sound of the TV without spending a lot, we can opt for the LG SK1. We can buy this sound bar with a price of 130 euros .

And so far our review of the range of LG sound bars . Surely some of the commented models is coupled to achieve a quality sound that accompanies the image.