How to repair a corrupted PDF file

How to repair a corrupted PDF file

PDF has become the format par excellence when it comes to sharing files with other users. This is because it is a highly compatible file format with a large number of programs, plus it always looks exactly the same regardless of the platform where it is viewed. Today we explain how you can repair your damaged or corrupt PDF files in a very simple way.

The PDF format does not usually present too many problems for its users, but sometimes you may find yourself with the surprise that the file you are trying to open is damaged. In these cases, the most likely thing is that the program you use to view your PDF files will return an error message when you try to open the damaged file.

These types of problems can occur when you convert a Word or other format file to a PDF document. It is also a problem that can appear when you store the PDF file on a pendrive, or some other removable memory

Fortunately, repairing corrupted PDF files is possible in many cases , so there is a pretty good chance that you will be able to regain access to your file.

Repair your corrupted PDf files online with PDF2GO and PDF-Online

In this case we will use two online tools to try to recover our damaged PDF files. These are PDF2GO and PDF-Online, both tools are very similar , but it is always good to consider more than one option in case something goes wrong.

Once you have accessed the official website of PDF2GO or PDF-Online, you will see a large search engine from which you can upload your damaged PDF file to the tool to try to repair it. Both platforms are compatible with the most popular cloud storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive, so you can upload your PDFs directly from these platforms.


PDF-Online is the more complete tool of the two, and it offers us several options that we can select when trying to recover a damaged PDF file. You can tell the tool if it is the fonts, pages, images, or tables that are damaged. This will increase the chances that the tool can repair your file.

PDF-Online 1PDF-Online 2

Once you have downloaded your PDF file and selected the appropriate options, you just need to click the corresponding button to start the process. After a few seconds, the option to download the new PDF file generated by these tools will appear.

You just have to download the file and open it, to see if the tools have been able to successfully recover all the content of your corrupted PDF document. If errors continue to appear within this document, the tools have not been able to recover all the data that was corrupted.

Try to recover your PDF with Adobe Reader

It may also be the case that it is not the PDF file itself that has been corrupted, but that the program you use to read them does not work correctly.

The first thing we should do is make sure that we have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed . It is possible that the previous versions had a bug that has already been fixed in a new version, that is why it is so important to install the latest version.

update adobe reader

After verifying that we have the latest available version of Adobe Reader installed, the next step we must take is to repair the program installation, if we continue to have problems viewing our PDF file.

repair adobe reader

This is the end of this article on how to repair a corrupted PDF file, we hope you find it useful.