You can now make an appointment to make the 2017 Income Statement at the Treasury

You can now make an appointment to make the 2017 Income Statement at the Treasury

Since last April 4, taxpayers have had the opportunity to make and present their 2017 Income Tax Return through the Internet. Now you can make an appointment to make it at the tax office.

Users who do not have to make changes to the draft (because they have a simple return or because they are self-employed or entrepreneurs) can actually present it through the Tax Agency's mobile application.  The others have at their disposal Renta Web, which is the service that the Tax Agency has made available to us since last year, replacing the PADRE program, so that we can present our return from the same browser.

But there are unique cases. In which we may not be interested in filing the income statement through the Internet. Or that we prefer that a Treasury manager help us to resolve certain doubts or request some certificates. For these taxpayers, the deadline to request a prior appointment at the offices of the Tax Agency opens.


How to make an appointment for the 2017 Rent from the web

The easiest and most direct thing is to make an appointment through the Tax Agency website. Although later we will also show you how to do it from your mobile. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Access the 2017 Income section of the Tax Agency. Once inside, click on the link Get an appointment for 2017 Rent .

2. Now a menu will be enabled with which you must identify yourself . You can do it with an electronic DNI, through the Cl @ ve PIN or through the reference number. It is the simplest system. If you have questions about how to obtain the reference number, we recommend consulting here.

3. When you have the reference number (you will receive it as an SMS on your mobile or through the Tax Agency application) you can start. Write your DNI number and the reference number and click the Access button.

4. From here, you will have to choose the center, the date of the appointment and the time . When you finish, the appointment will be noted in the agenda and you must go to that center indicated on the corresponding day and time.

Keep in mind that people who:

  • Have obtained professional income from economic activities
  • Have obtained income from economic activities
  • They have carried out business or professional activities in direct estimation

In the latter cases, if you need help, you will need to go to a manager.

mobile income

Make an appointment through the application

If you want, you can also make an appointment through the mobile application . If you have not yet downloaded it, you can do it from these links: for iOS and for Android.

As soon as you have downloaded the application, to log in as a taxpayer you will need to ask for the reference number . You will receive it directly to the application and, from there, you can start with the procedures.

Within the Income 2017 section you have a button that reads Prior Income Appointment . Click here to start the process.

Make an appointment by phone for Income 2017

Another fast and agile way to request an appointment is by calling the number that the Tax Agency has set up for this purpose.

If you want to make an appointment (and only that) you can call the Pre-Appointment phone (personal attention) from Monday to Friday and between the hours of 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The phone numbers are as follows:

901 22 33 44 or 91 553 00 71 (in case you prefer to do without the additional rate number