Canon Zoemini S and Zoemini C, cameras that print sticky photos

Canon Zoemini S and Zoemini C, cameras that print self-adhesive photos

Last year Canon launched the Zoemini, a portable printer with Zink technology that allowed us to print photos anywhere. Today the Zoemini family grows with two new devices, the Canon Zoemini S and Canon Zoemini C . These are two new all-in-one instant camera-printers . They allow you to take a photo and print it on a special adhesive paper, with a size of 5 x 7.6 cm and from the same device.

The Canon Zoemini S is the most advanced, with an 8 megapixel sensor, flash and Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with the mobile. On the other hand, the Canon Zoemini C is the most economical version, with a 5 megapixel sensor, without flash and without mobile connectivity.

They use the same printing technology seen on the original Zoemini. Using inkless Zink technology , they are capable of printing smudge-proof, unbreakable, water-resistant and adhesive photos . They include a package of 10 sheets of special paper, and you can later buy packages with 20 or 50 sheets. They will hit the market in April and we already know their prices. But first, let's take a look at the characteristics of these two curious cameras.

Canon Zoemini S

launch Canon Zoemini S black with photo

The Canon Zoemini S has an 8 megapixel sensor for taking pictures. In addition, it is equipped with a mirror and a ring flash on the front to facilitate taking selfies.

Its design is very compact, so much so that it fits in the palm of your hand. This allows us to always carry the camera-printer with us, being able to place it from the bag to even a pocket.

The Canon Zoemini S is compatible with the free Canon Mini Print app, available for iOS and Android. This allows you to use the remote shutter function included in the camera, as well as the self-timer. But also print the images that we have on the mobile or tablet using the Bluetooth connection. In addition, it offers the ability to edit the image with a number of creative frames and filters.

launch Canon Zoemini S pink and white

In addition to Instagram and Facebook, the Canon Mini Print app allows you to connect with Google Photos and Dropbox to be able to print paper copies of the images that we have stored in the cloud.

The Canon Zoemini S will hit the market at the end of April . It will be available in three colors (rose gold, matte black and pearl white) with a price of 170 euros .

Canon Zoemini C

The Canon Zoemini C is a cropped version of the Canon Zoemini S. It is not compatible with the Canon Mini Print app and incorporates a 5 megapixel sensor . It does have the reflective mirror for selfies, but it does not have a flash on the front. It is equipped with a Micro SD card slot that is used to store photos.

This model will be available in four colors: bubblegum pink, bee yellow, mint green and sea blue . Like its older sister, it includes a 10-sheet pack of adhesive Zink printing paper.

The Canon Zoemini C will hit the market at the end of April with a price of 130 euros . That is, 50 euros less than her older sister.

We also know the price of Zink Specialty Printing Paper Sheet Packs. They can be purchased in packages with 20 or 50 sheets. The 20-sheet one will be priced at 12 euros , while the 50-sheet one will cost 24 euros . That is, if we buy the 50-sheet one, printing each photo will cost 0.56 euros.