Interview with Olivia Kiss, the writer who triumphs on Amazon with romance novels

Interview with Olivia Kiss, the writer who triumphs on Amazon with romance novels

She calls herself Olivia Kiss. Although her real name is kept to herself. She is a fashion writer. Her name may not be familiar to you. If so, chances are you haven't switched to digital libraries yet. Because Olivia publishes only on Amazon and for her Kindle readers.

In recent weeks it has reached the second position in the ranking of the best sellers on Amazon . He has done so with his novel Miss Manías, your secrets , a story in which Tricia and Dexter, two characters who could walk around any Spanish city, find themselves in an irresistible game of manias and secrets.

And perhaps this is the key ingredient in your success. Portraying stories that could be real. Adventures that we could star in ourselves. And that they have dazzled (and dazzled, yes) their followers on social networks.

We had the opportunity to chat for a while with Olivia. This successful writer - more than she cautiously considers - is doing her first steps at Amazon. And now you decide titles. Few know who writes, because in reality, Olivia Kiss is a pseudonym that covers the true author of these titles . Today we meet the prolific author behind.


What do you think has been the reason for your success?

Thank you very much for the "phenomenon", but I don't think it can be classified that way. Actually, I don't know exactly what it was. What I do know is that at first I wrote novels and thanks to the opportunity given to me by some readers who did not know me and gave a positive opinion, others could trust a little. It's the snowball effect. I have to thank them very much.

Part of this success is, a little, the work behind each of the stories, the waking hours trying to figure out what will happen in the next chapter, learning from mistakes ...

We know you don't like talking about your intimacy, but can you help us find out who is behind Olivia Kiss?

Well, I am 32 years old and I have always been very shameful. Maybe I took refuge from shyness in books, both reading and writing helped me. I have a partner and looking to expand the family. Few people actually know that I am a writer.

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How did you start writing?

I have thought about it many times and I think that the bookstore that was next to my crib and the fact that my parents read to me every night before going to sleep aroused the love of literature. Later I wrote as a hobby, but only for myself and for my classmates. Many asked me for continuations of the stories and that motivated me to continue. Then I stopped (writing, never reading), until I started to write in forums again. And just over a year ago, a friend suggested I post on Amazon and I did.

What can we find in your novels?

The truth is that I like to vary with the theme. All are romantic and I vary in the subgenre with comedies, historical, contemporary ... although I do not rule out in the future changing genre and delving into mystery or science fiction ...

Why did you choose the electronic format?

Because it is the easiest to self-publish and it is also free. In other editing formats you have to pass a filter. Here it is directly the readers who select you or not, depending on whether you have entertained them.

Have you ever considered going to paper editions?

Some of my novels are already on paper through Amazon, but I suppose you mean the traditional edition with publisher. I never close doors to anything and of course I have considered it, it is only a matter of evaluating.

As a creator, do you think that the digital book offers greater advantages for publication?

It has its advantages and disadvantages. In self-publishing you have more control over your work. You have to learn other jobs that, with a publishing house, would be done by already professional people. On the other hand, the benefits are not distributed ... What I always say is that you have to assess and then decide.

How many books do you sell? Do your sales allow you to live off literature?

The issue of the number of books sold is relative. The first weeks of releasing a work increase in relation to when not. And since you also pay per page read, sales are something you can't know for sure.

At first they gave for some extra, but for some time until today, luckily, I can say that I live by writing.

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Could you tell us how the profit margins work for the writer with respect to the price of the work? In the case of the formula in which the reader does not pay per individual work, but pays a monthly subscription, how is the benefit distributed to the author?

I only publish on Amazon and the issue of benefits, roughly, is 30% for the platform and 70% after discounts and taxes for me. On the other hand, in the case of people who have a Kindle unlimited subscription and read your work, I charge for each page read. The price of the page read varies every month.

The romance novel has always been a traditionally feminine genre. Is it still like this?

In principle yes, but there are also male readers, especially in comedies. I think there is a stigma in this genre and, like many others, it will disappear and they will become equal.

You are very active on social media. What role do they play in the dissemination of your work? Do you think they have helped you to be a best seller?

That bestseller still sounds very strange to me [laughs]. I think that they do have an important role in reaching people. I love interacting with readers and also learning from what they think. They gave me a chance when no one knew who Olivia Kiss was. I value all kinds of criticism, as long as it is constructive.

And right now, what are you working on? What will be the next Olivia Kiss novel?

Now I am working on a new historical novel and have others in mind. I think my head is going to explode one day.

[If you want to know more about Olivia and her work, you can take a look at her new official website. Or connect with her on social media]