The 5 craziest movies you can watch for free on YouTube

David hasselhof

A boring weekend? Don't have money to go to the movies ? Don't have money to pay for your Netflix subscription ? Does n't Netflix have the weird B or even Z series movies that you really like? Well, believe it or not, you can find them on YouTube . Yes, yes, on YouTube , and completely free . Here we show you a selection of the 5 craziest movies that you can watch through your SmartTV , your mobile or your tablet . You just need popcorn, a good Internet connection and a lot of desire to laugh.

Kung Fury

Okay, it is not a movie, but it is a very entertaining and very worked medium-length film . And, what more could you ask for from a production that has 80s neon lights , characters taken from American films of the 90s , dinosaurs , Viking gods , retro technology , super bad Nazis and time travel ? I tell you: NA-DA . A delight for those who enjoy cinema and classic films, without a second of the footage passing in which there is a nod or special mention to the culture of past decades . A rare enjoymentfor the senses. Note that the Spanish translation is not official, although it does not detract from the film at any time.

Nazi surfers must die

Since 1987 , this film has been available for those who enjoy light plots and scripts that lead nowhere . A gang of Nazi surfers , or so they say they are, terrorize the rest of the bathers on a beach. With constant fights against other bands of surfers, like the ninja, they try to defend their territory and steal a few boards . Crappy music, conversations even more tatty  and an ending that leaves no one indifferent . Oh, and of course sex scenes where only girls show their breasts. All of this mixed with eventual surfing moments. If you like waves, this is probably not your favorite movie.

Attack of the killer tomatoes

Weird, weird, weird . That could be the synopsis for this movie. We will say that it is a film with little fine humor, but that it will delight those who enjoy films like Land as you can . Bad jokes, stupid-looking characters and yes, killer tomatoes . In the end, you take a liking to that sound that these infernal beings make. But remember, it's not real blood, it's tomato! Killer tomato!

Skeleton man

More serious it tried to be this 2004 movie. Spoiler: it didn't get it . A strange creature of the night in the form of a skeleton with a black cape mercilessly murders every man or woman it crosses. To prevent it, a group of special forces will suffer the unspeakable. Non-lethal stabs, blows that make the characters fly through half a set, some visceral blood and a not very credible props are the ingredients of this film. Of course, the deaths and the action scenes are the most entertaining.

Zombie shark

After the success of Sharknado , that famous trilogy of films where tornadoes take sharks out of the sea to throw them on the population, it only remains to add another touch of death to the concept to get the perfect feature film. Or at least I thought the creators of Shark zombie , a packed movie scantily clad women and even fewer neurons, and an argument that goes beyond the ridiculous . So much so that it is weird and entertaining in equal measure. Of course, the special effects can make you cry more than laugh. After watching this movie, you are likely to be more afraid of the movies than you are of bathing in the sea.