iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 without VAT for Cyber ​​Monday in Worten


After Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday . The day when online stores (or large shopping centers with a digital store) launch some of the best offers of the season. One of the ones that has caught our attention the most is Worten and its VAT-free offers . For which we can buy an iPhone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 21% discount.

An offer in which these two high-end models stand out but where we can also find models of all segments and prices. From terminals of just over one hundred euros to the most desired phones on the market.

If you have been interested in a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for a long time, you should know that only today, buying online at Worten, you can save almost 150 on this model of the Korean brand.

Similarly, a good number of Apple smartphones are for sale at equivalent discounts. They are not as succulent as those of Samsung, since the margins of maneuver on the part of the distributors is smaller, but even so all the terminals of iPhone 6 are with more than a 10% discount.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Telephony Day in Worten

The Chinese company ZTE is another one that finds itself with greater discounts. If you are looking for a model with good performance and a good value for money, you can buy ZTE's mid and low-end models with discounts that remove VAT from the final invoice. Phones like the ZTE Blade S6 with almost 50 euros off or a basic and functional ZTE Blade L5 for just 55 euros.

LG is also a company that presents a good number of terminals with offers of great interest for those who seek to change mobile phones taking advantage of a good economic opportunity. From the LG K8 for 130 euros (almost 30 off) to the LG G5 Titan, with a 16 megapixel rear camera and an eight front camera for 535 euros , almost 120 below its usual price.

Alcatel, Lenovo, Innjoo, Motorola or Wiko are some of the brands with more than thirty models with offers of up to 21% off.

lenovo yoga tab 3

Good day to renew computer

In both laptops and desktops, Worten is also presenting many very good offers when it comes to computers. A dozen models from brands such as Acer, HP, Lenovo and Medion present offers of between 50 and 100 euros on average, reaching some discounts of up to 200 euros . These are models that go from the simplest and most functional ranges to mid-range models.

Under the concept of sports electronics we will also find interesting discounts. Especially for those who want to get started in the world of drone piloting and action cameras. As well as some other wearable. In this way we find drones with discounts of up to 150 euros.

It is also interesting to take a look at its section on televisions. Where searching among its wide range of Samsung televisions we can find a bargain with up to 600 euros discount.