How to know if a Gas Natural Fenosa commercial is authentic

How to know if a Gas Natural Fenosa commercial is authentic

On any given day you are finishing tying your shoe to go to the office and the doorbell rings. On the other side they explain that they come from Natural Gas and want to check a mismatch in the meter. You're not fine: you've had a bad night, you're in too much of a hurry to think, or you're just having a courtesy fit.

And at your door a young woman appears with a folder showing you a card with the Gas Natural logo and her photo, laminated. You're still groggy, so you show him the latest electricity bill. And at a glance, discover - oh dear! - that you have been paying 20 euros more every month . That's when she asks you to come home for a moment to solve the problem and ...

Steps to detect if a commercial is authentic

The best thing you can do in these cases, if you do not know the business practices well, is to get out of the quagmire with some excuse. Buy time, at least until you know what steps to take. Never accept the change or the solution first.

What to do then? After this story, we got in touch with Gas Natural Fenosa. It should be noted that they were really quick and professional in their response (first on Twitter and then on the phone).

Gas Natural Fenosa

They immediately explained to us (both by message and by phone) that we must not pay attention to the statements of the commercials , such as the mismatch of the meter, that Gas Natural is the energy distributor for Iberdrola, etc. It is plain and simple business strategies. Now, on the web page that they shared with us, the steps to follow are detailed when faced with a commercial that shows up at your door.

  1. First, the commercial must be presented displaying the Gas Natural Fenosa accreditation.
  2. In addition, it is advisable to ask him to also present an identity document (he should only do it if you ask him)
  3. And here is the final step to ensure that you are indeed a Natural Gas commercial. At the free  phone number 900 649 243 you can ask any questions about what they just told you and ask them to identify if it is an authentic commercial.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask on the contact phone until they explain the true conditions of the offer. And then decide.

In case you have fallen into a trap or your contract is changed without you really wanting to, you have to know that you can claim Gas Natural to reimburse you for the money and return to the company you were with (or the previous type of contract ) . And it is that these contracts should be null when the conditions are not clearly explained to you. To do this, you can do it through the same telephone number that we have given you above and that they give you the appropriate signs. Or on the website enabled for claims of the firm.