How to log in to Instagram from the app, PC or mobile browser

How to log in to Instagram from the app, PC or mobile browser

Instagram is one of the most important social networks of the moment. Although it is an application designed for use on mobile phones, the truth is that we can also enter through the computer. It is even possible to use it from your mobile without installing the application. Generally, once we enter our username and password for the first time we will no longer have to do it. At least until we change phones. But, at some point we may want to change accounts. Or we may have changed our password and want to re-enter the application.

Whatever the reason, let's go over how we can log into Instagram . But not only from the mobile application, we will also see how to enter from the computer, the mobile browser and even from the Instagram Lite application. We started!

From the mobile application

how to log into instagram app

The most common thing will be that we want to enter our Instagram account from the official application for Android or iOS. If you have never identified yourself, the first screen that will open will be precisely for that. In it, it asks us for the username and password. It also gives us the option to recover the password if we have forgotten it.

Just below it will give us the possibility to enter with our Facebook account . As you know, Instagram belongs to Facebook, so we can use the same account that we use with this social network.

From Instagram Lite

how to login to instagram app lite

From the Instagram Lite application the process is exactly the same. This application is a lighter version for less powerful devices . It also allows us to recover the password or enter with the Facebook data.

And if we don't have an account, from Instagram Lite we can create a new one . The downside of this application is that, as you can see in the screenshot, it is not yet adapted to the new screens.

From the mobile browser

how to log into instagram mobile browser

If you have little space available on your mobile or, for whatever reason, you do not want to install any of the applications, you can use Instagram from your mobile browser .

To do so, you simply have to open the page and you will see the screen to enter the username and password. Its appearance is identical to that of the application . The only different thing that you will see is a notice at the top indicating that you have the application available on Google Play.

From here we can also recover the password if we have forgotten it . Even register a new account by clicking on "Register", located at the bottom.

From the computer

how to login instagram browser pc

We can also use the computer to access Instagram. If you have Windows 10, you can use two options. The first is to access through a web browser , such as Google Chrome.

In this case , the service access screen is very similar to that of the mobile . We have a box to put username and password, but also the possibility of access through the Facebook account. If we do not have an account we can register and if we have forgotten the password we can recover it.

Instagram's own website will notify you that there is an application available for Windows 10 users . If you click on the Install option (or the Windows logo at the bottom), the Windows application store will open. The application occupies 188 MB and allows access to the service with an interface adapted to the style of Windows 10.

how to log into instagram app windows 10

When we open the Windows 10 application we will see a large blue button to register on Instagram. If we already have an account we will have to click on the "Enter" button located at the bottom .

Once here, we will have the option to enter username and password. Also to log in through our Facebook account.

So you see, there are many options we have to enter our Instagram account and see the photographs of the people we follow. Uploading photos, however, is limited to the mobile app. Although, as we have explained sometime, there are some tricks to upload photos to Instagram from the computer.