MiWi, the cheap imitation of the Wii console

MiWi, the cheap imitation of the Wii 2 console

There is no video game console that is free from cheap knockoffs made in China . After the laughable PolyStation 3 (the small time version of the PlayStation 3 ) we now find the MiWi, a new clone of the Nintendo Wii . At first glance it may seem very similar to the real one. In fact, its great asset is to confuse the uninformed buyer. But it is clear that, although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays.

We insist that the commercial tactic of this type of imitation is always to play the game, to see if the client bites and takes a hare. They give it a similar-sounding name, MiWi for Wii, give it an outward appearance similar to the original, and put some publicity phrases on the box to attract attention , which are usually hilarious. In the case of this MiWi, it is surprising that they have even bothered to include wireless control knobs . Of course, its creators ( Eittek Electronics ) should not be very up to date with what is happening in the world of video games, because one of the controls is an imitation of the one used by the Nintendo 64, belonging to the previous generation of consoles.

As for the games, well, more of the same: they do not even reach the sole of the shoes of the real Wii . Only the fact that it works with cartridges, a format clearly smaller than those used by current systems , gives us a very precise clue of its low potential. The console includes a free video game with no less than 23 different sports titles (Wii Sports style) in a single cartridge , another reason to mistrust its quality.

But the funniest thing about the whole thing is the additional accessories for the Wiimote-like remote . You can attach extensions to them as if they were tennis rackets or golf clubs . Except for the decorative detail, these accessories are absolutely worthless . They are the icing on the cake that this cheap imitation that is the MiWi was missing to give it the final shabby touch.

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