Lenovo IdeaPad, five new ranges to choose the laptop

Lenovo IdeaPad

It happened at the Las Vegas fair , in which the largest brands from around the planet meet and present their novelties for the whole year. The Asian firm has presented a wide range of laptops . We are talking about no less than 5 different ranges , and all with their models with different configurations . Are called Lenovo IdeaPad Series , and are divided into letters U, S, Y, Z and G . Each one is designed for a different use , and everything varies depending on the size of the screen , the type of componentsthat they carry, or simply weight or design .

The notebooks of the U Series are two, the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 and U410 . They are ultra-portable with an attractive design and powerful components . With a high resolution screen of 13.3 inches and with a very light weight . The best thing they have is that the hard drive is solid state , that is, even if it is small in capacity it is very light and works very fast . So much so that you can turn on the equipment in about 10 seconds.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S200 and S206 can boast an attractive design that is trying to attract attention. The screen is approximately 11 inches , and the use for which they are intended is not for video games or applications that require a lot of graphic power. It is more for a daily use in which the most that is done is to get on the Internet . They are among the most affordable of all that have been presented. Those of the G range , that is, the Lenovo IdeaPad G480, G580 and G780 are the same type but with much larger screens and a little more graphic power to enjoy movies.

Lenovo IdeaPad

Equipment designed for a much higher performance can be found in the Y series . They are the Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 and Y580 , with 14 and 15- inch screens that can reach a maximum FullHD resolution , that is, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels . In this case, a brand like NVIDIA is already in charge of enhancing the graphics with one of its dedicated memory graphics cards . They are designed to be able to hit any last generation video game .

In any case, it is always the latest generation equipment in which design plays an important role. The prices , of course, vary a lot, since there is a lot of variety that we can choose from. They will begin to be sold in Spain from April 2012 , and prices for the most affordable start at about $ 350 . Of course, if we get demanding we can go up to $ 900 . In euros they are approximately between 300 and 800 euros .