The viral video of the anchovy face joke that ended very badly


Let's put ourselves in situation. You are working and it is a normal morning, although one of those in which, due to the alignment of the stars, any little detail can drive you crazy, and suddenly someone asks you for a specific place in the city. Specifically, it is about a boy, who looks like a university student, who wants to know where the commercial and shopping area is. Without any fuss or frown, you indicate that going down the street and to the right he will find what he is looking for. So far, it could be a normal meeting of those that occur daily in the streets of our city.

But just at that moment, the boy who was asking the questions says a "let's see if I clarify, face anchovy , you're telling me it's down there." And at that moment, although it is pixelated in the video, the surprised face of the person giving the directions is sensed and he repeats with a surprised tone “anchovy face? ". The rest are various insults and threats that end with an unexpected outcome. In fact, it is best if you see the video of what happens yourself.

NEW VIDEO! The AGGRESSION that you all expected, END OF THE AFFAIR: //

- MrGranbomba (@Granbomba) December 11, 2016

As seen in the video, the prank attempt didn't go very well for the content creator named MrGranBomba . In fact, after calling him "anchovy face" the delivery man can be seen asking him about the hidden camera when he tells him that it is a joke. "And the camera? I'm not giving you a beat because I'm working, what are you doing? " And just at that moment, a loud slap, the kind that hurts the soul, shouting "anchovy face? Pull from here ”.

After the attack, MrGranBomba went to the hospital to get a report of injuries and thus be able to report the man who slapped him in the street. In fact, in his own Twitter account he has shown how he left his face:

Whoever has done this to me is going to remember for a lifetime having attacked me. Tomorrow video and you will know everything.

- MrGranbomba (@Granbomba) December 10, 2016

After this incident, the network has been divided. Many defend the delivery person, since the content creators cannot be exempt from any kind of action and allow themselves the frivolity of insulting someone who is working for the simple fact of getting a video with thousands of reproductions and others charge against the delivery person, since violence should never be used under any circumstances.

This has been how on Twitter and YouTube you can see many montages with the moment of the slap . From the parody of the headline of the Weekly Report, to songs like Safri Duo's in which the percussion is replaced by the loud slap .

New Order the best

- 🠄2 cool 4 school🄠(@MerlLuthor) December 11, 2016

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Uptown Prank ft. Big bomb.

- Alcoholander (@Xandtor) December 11, 2016

We are all with you @Granbomba

- Motta-Kun. (@MottaGame) December 11, 2016

All my energy for @Granbomba

- Tako D. Caranchoa (@shurtako) December 11, 2016

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