Facebook is down, service problems for many users

Facebook is down, service problems for many users

Since approximately eleven in the morning, Facebook is presenting access problems for many users. If we enter the social network we find a message in which we are warned that something is wrong. It tells us that work is being done to solve it as soon as possible. Everything suggests that it is an internal problem, since we have tested it in several browsers and the same message appears in all of them. It is not even possible to enter the help section. When we press it takes time to load and the error message ends up appearing. So don't worry and stop clearing the cache or restarting the router. Nothing happens to your computer or your WiFi connection.

If we enter downdetector.es we see that Facebook is presenting problems for many users since eleven in the morning. A very high peak of incidence is perfectly visible. As soon as we enter the official website of the company, a very explicit message appears in which it is reported verbatim: Sorry, something is wrong. We are trying to fix it to fix it as soon as possible.

Facebook problems

What's happening on Facebook?

This new problem would only appear when entering the web page on a PC. The mobile app seems to be working properly. That is, we can enter without previous error messages, although the publications are taking a long time to arrive. This may be due to the fact that many users are experiencing this failure and cannot enter either. If you are one of those affected, we advise you to be patient. Normally the fall can be due to cuts for updates or improvements. Or just errors on the Facebook server. The normal thing is that after a few minutes you can re-enter normally without major inconveniences.

Facebook fall

It would not be the first time, far from it, that Facebook would find itself in trouble of this kind. It also recently had access failures. On that occasion only with a web browser. To be exact, the problem was focused on Chrome. Neither Firefox, nor Safari nor Microsoft Edge put up barriers when entering the social network. Now, the problem seems to extend to other levels, since it cannot be entered with any browser. Neither by clearing the cache or restarting the router.

There is no other choice than to have some patience and to test at times if it allows us to enter. As we say, the normal thing is that in a few minutes access begins to be restored and allows us to continue publishing or interacting with our friends without problems.