How to download wallpapers and themes for the ZTE Axon 7

ZTE Axon 7

The  ZTE Axon 7 is the latest high-end model launched by the Chinese brand ZTE . As in other terminals of the company, in this phone we have numerous options to configure the theme: we can use our own photos or download numerous designs to apply them as wallpaper or lock screen image.

How to customize the wallpaper on the ZTE Axon 7

The easiest way to change the home screen background on the  ZTE Axon 7 is to press on the background and hold your finger there for a moment until a small settings menu opens at the bottom of the screen. From there we can access  Customize launcher , from where a menu with three tabs opens:

ZTE Theme

  • In the Background section,   we select the image we want for the wallpaper. We can choose between  Connected (which will fetch automatically numerous archival images of ZTE , with several thematic),  Gallery  "" to choose a photo you have already stored on the device "" or  camera  (to capture an image at the time). We can also choose any of the clipart that come from the factory with the smartphone. Once the image is chosen, you can slide your finger across the Blur Level  bar  to give the background a special effect.
  • In  Icon we can customize the way we want for the application buttons on the home screen.
  • Finally, in the Effect tab  , we can customize what type of animation we want to play when moving from one screen to another at startup (from left to right): slides, turns, overlays of various types or random mode.

ZTE Theme and already configured theme downloads

From the ZTE Theme  shortcut  on your home screen, you can access a wide catalog of themes pre-designed by the Chinese company itself. In the first tab, the themes that are already downloaded to the device will appear, while in the Online section  you will see all the options available for download.

ZTE Theme

This catalog is divided into three categories:  Wallpaper , for wallpapers,  Alive locker , for the ZTE Axon 7 lock screens  , and  Icon , which allows you to customize the shapes and colors of the application icons.

In order to download any of these themes or custom options, you need to be registered with a ZTE account . The phone will ask to log in before starting the download .

Theme changes from the Settings menu 

ZTE Theme

Accessing  Settings> Themes and wallpapers you can also configure the background images and themes: you just have to select one of those available on the phone, or click on the Online section  to access the catalog of themes from which we have spoken before.

In the Wallpaper tab  we can configure different images for the home screen and for the lock screen, although if you unlock the terminal with your fingerprint, you will not often see that lock screen.