Should I buy an Xbox One X or better wait for Xbox Series X?

I buy an Xbox One X or better I wait for Xbox Series X

This 2020 promises to be a spectacular year in the video game sector, mainly due to the arrival of Xbox and PlayStation 5, the new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. In this article we analyze whether it is worth buying an Xbox One X or a PS4 Pro in 2020, or rather we wait for the arrival of the new generation.

What awaits us in the new generation

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The Internet has been talking for weeks about the specifications of the new Sony Microsoft video consoles, but the truth is that today there are very few details that we know officially.

Officially we know that both consoles will use a processor manufactured by AMD, which will be based on the one hand on the AMD Zen 2 CPU architecture , and on the other hand on the AMD Navi graphics architecture.

We also know that both consoles will use a total of eight CPU processing cores , which will offer a jump in power of approximately four times over current-generation consoles.

As for the graphics processor, we do not have just official details, but we do know that it will have support for hardware RayTracing , which should allow much more realistic lighting and shadow effects in new video games.

It is also officially known that both consoles will arrive with an SSD-type storage unit, to greatly reduce the loading times of video games.

Finally, one aspect that both companies are putting a lot of emphasis on for this new generation is backward compatibility . Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be compatible with both the games and the PS4 controller. Sony has not mentioned anything regarding the PS5 backwards compatibility with previous platforms such as PS3, PS2 and PS

As for Microsoft, the new Xbox Series X will also be compatible with Xbox One games and controllers, but Microsoft has also confirmed that the new console will also be compatible with Xbox 360 video games and the original Xbox.

Xbox One X and PS4 Pro still have a lot to say

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Many users may be thinking that it is not worth buying a current generation game console, when in a few months we will have a newer device with better features.

We cannot deny that there is much truth in this statement, but we cannot ignore that the consoles of the current generation still have a lot to say.

We still do not know the official price that the new Sony and Microsoft game consoles will have, although it is expected that they will be significantly more expensive than their predecessors, so both could move around 500-600 euros.

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We can currently buy an Xbox One X for less than 400 euros . We must also bear in mind that it is quite likely that the price of the current consoles will drop significantly, as soon as it reaches the new generation, so they will be a very affordable option.

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To all this we have to add the great offers that there will be in current generation games, without forgetting the immense second-hand market.

This means that acquiring a current-generation console can be notably cheaper than making the leap to one of the new devices that are yet to come.

Finally, we must not forget that the new games that arrive at the end of 2020 and even in 2021, it is very likely that most of them will be compatible with both the new generation and the current one. This means that Xbox One X and PS4 Pro still have a lot of life ahead of them .