How to watch the galas of Operación Triunfo 2018 live on the Internet

How to watch the galas of Operación Triunfo 2018 live on the Internet

Operación Triunfo 2018 begins , one of the most popular television programs of the year, and also one of the most commented on by social networks. Operación Triunfo 2017 left us many memes, images, videos and great artists. If you fell in love with the previous edition and you don't want to miss anything about this new one, we will tell you how you can follow the galas, nominations and performances through the internet.

Operation Rriunfo will be broadcast live on the 1 of Spanish television. Every Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. (Spain) the gala will be broadcast where a contestant will be nominated and expelled. If for any case, you cannot see it on television, you can do it through the internet. It will be broadcast live on the website in the live broadcast section.

On the official page a section with different content has been enabled , such as chat, performances, interviews, etc. On the official YouTube channel of Operation Rriunfo you can also see the performances of the gala once they have finished. In addition, content such as rehearsals, a 24-hour live, different classes and activities, etc. will be added.

Apps to follow triumph operation

From the Operation Rriunfo app, available for free on Google Play and the App Store, you can also see exclusive content, the performances and the contestants nominated during that week . In addition, you can vote for your favorite contestant, view their Instagram profile and choose who you would like to save from the nominees for the next gala.

If you prefer, you can also download the RTVE application to see OT 2018 from your mobile or Tablet. The app is free and available on Google Play and the App Store. There you can see the content by the sections of the program, such as the performances, the casting, weekly summaries and more.