What is OnlyFans and why your sex videos are not safe there

What is OnlyFans and why your sex videos are not safe there

Have you ever heard of OnlyFans? If the answer is no, don't worry, it's normal. OnlyFans is a website designed for YouTubers, content creators, public figures, personal trainers, models and influencers in general to share exclusive content through a paid subscription. That is, content creators open an account for their most die-hard fans to pay a subscription to see the content that will be uploaded to OnlyFans. Well, as Buzzfeed published today, much of the content shared on this service has been filtered .

Some content creators like instagramers or youtubers may not be too affected by the fact that the content has been filtered. Not at least beyond stopping making money for that content. But there are also many porn stars at OnlyFans. Stars who upload content to this service in exchange for a subscription. And it turns out that the images and videos that have been leaked are, for the most part, pornographic .

Terabytes of adult content allegedly stolen from OnlyFans

According to published information, the leak consists of a directory hosted by Mega, which in turn is organized into several folders. The folders show the name that artists use in OnlyFans. The leaks include TikTok stars, Instagram models, and amateur porn stars . They all use OnlyFans to make money producing adult content.

Filtering videos and photos OnlyFans folders

OnlyFans has denied this leak. According to a company spokesperson, they have investigated and have not found any evidence that their systems have been compromised . This person also claims that the leaked content appears to come from multiple sources, including other social networks.

Scottish journalist Vonny LeClerc was the first to notice the leak when she saw certain links being shared through Twitter. LeClerc located at least five folders hosted on Mega circulating on social media. However, at the moment it is not clear who the initial leaker was. Of course, in the links to the storage service there is a username that corresponds to a Reddit user known for sharing Mega links with filtered pornography.

Although leaks of content uploaded to OnlyFans are quite frequent, none have been so large and widespread. In fact, there are communities on Reddit and Telegram dedicated to cracking artist accounts and sharing content without their consent . It seems that this time they have gotten the biggest loot.

Via | Buzzfeed