20 hilarious Monday images and memes to share on WhatsApp

20 hilarious Monday images and memes to share on WhatsApp 1

After the Christmas holidays, there is a long stretch of the year ahead without holidays. And this shows in the mood. Until April we will not have the opportunity to rest a few days (this is the luckiest) , so now it is convenient to make the most of the weekends, which are often shorter than most of us would like.

And then Monday comes. Oh, Monday! That day that has been going uphill since Sunday afternoon, much more now in winter, that many of us spend immersed in the warm combination of sofa, series and blanket. So there is no one who starts a Monday with joy.

That is why we wanted to share some memes with you. So that you in turn share them with your friends, family and co-workers, who will surely be in the same circumstances as you . The truth is that sharing them will not fix your day, but at least it will help you have a laugh. Because all the memes we share with you are hilarious.


If you want you can try magic. But we already tell you from now on that not even the best worked spell of Harry Potter will have an effect on Monday. The first day of the week is unforgiving and for many, as heavy as a stone. What becomes Friday? You have no choice but to appeal to patience and wait! 


If you are from the group of Mondays in the Sun , it is very likely that you dedicate the day to philosophizing a little. And this is one of the questions that most occupies unemployed people . If Sunday is so close to Monday, why is Monday so far from Sunday? And solving this enigma from above, you may cast Monday. And when you will find out, we will be on Tuesday.


Yes, that Monday morning does not suit the most painted. Hopefully, your face may reflect the same face as this adorable little dog, who seems to have been surprised with the lengths in the dark.


And between dogs the game goes. There is nothing worse than hearing the alarm clock, strident and Machiavellian, first thing in the morning. If you are a lazy pro, chances are you will be like this dog, but between the sheets. And how good is it?  


After a dream weekend, returning to Monday and routines costs a lot. What if we could have a few days to spare to get used to the return? Would asking for a gap year be too much? Well, most likely yes.


You don't have to run. Monday will come, implacable towards you, as if it were a Tyrannosaurus Rex . Don't run away coward! It will catch you whatever you wear. And no matter how far you set out to go.


We all agree on the same thing. You are enjoying a peaceful Sunday (even fun) when, suddenly, it comes to your memory that yes, full happiness has come to an end. Tomorrow is Monday! Didn't you remember, huh?


If you are one of those who hate their job - or you just have a bad day or a too good weekend - it is very likely that this Monday you will wake up like this. But calm or quiet. There are many others who wake up even worse. And if not look at the Mona Lisa. 


Although in reality, we are all a little Monday Lisa first thing on Monday. There is no beauty or work of art that does not succumb to the fatality of Mondays. So these hairs that the Mona Lisa brings us are a lesser evil. 

Monday 11

But if you're analytical by default, chances are you want to find an explanation for this Monday morning thing. Well, here it is: more graphic impossible. During the week your sleep cycle adapts to a daily routine , but when you arrive at the weekend and wake up later, the routine goes awry and the same thing happens on Monday: that's why it's so difficult to restart a new day properly. Luckily things change on Tuesday ...


But it won't be until you get to the office that you realize the magnitude of the tragedy. In front of the computer and hitting the key, Monday will fall on you with all its weight. And you will notice it! So much so that you'll want them to declare Monday as spam. And head to the trash can! 


Few things are as desirable and necessary as a good coffee in the morning. Especially if it's Monday morning. Although, in some cases, it would be better to immerse yourself fully in the cup to bathe directly in coffee. 


It is true that some want to hide it, but this is very complicated. Some may even say that they get up early and have suddenly become great Monday lovers. Do not believe it: they are pure fake news. That's impossible!


It is clear that many times coffee is not enough. You take one and you have that feeling that not even immersing yourself in a pool of coffee would be enough to face this Monday with dignity.


Getting up on Monday is not easy for anyone. Do you have the slightest idea of ​​everything you have to mobilize to get one foot on the ground? Nothing more and nothing less than 206 bones, 650 muscles and 50 trillion cells. Is there any brave person who can handle all this without the least bit of disheveled? 


But don't worry, we have not yet reached that fateful moment of mass mobilization. Now we have a long Sunday ahead of us, which the most optimistic will see as such. The pessimists will baptize it as pre-Monday and there their depression will begin. 


The most tremendous have this Monday - and pre-Monday - the opportunity to complain and complain at all hours. For them this catastrophic meme, which will be great to sink into their own misfortune . There are people for everything in life!


It's a perfect meme for Easter, although in reality we all revive a little on Sundays and get a little depressed on Mondays. If you are one of those who take everything with laughter, here is the perfect meme for you. 


And now we only have to wish you luck. Surpassed on Monday, surpassed all week, as the most optimistic say. To finish this collection of memes about Monday, we share with you these three lucky cats. After all, have a happy and laugh-filled Monday! Even though you're still in bed!