How to watch Facebook videos directly on a Samsung TV

How to watch Facebook videos directly on a Samsung TV

Just a few minutes ago we told you that you can already see Facebook videos on Samsung televisions. Well, taking advantage of the fact that we have a television from the company, we wanted to see it first hand . We have done the test on a Samsung KS7000. However, the company has ensured that the application is available for all Smart TVs from 2015 onwards. Let's see if we really already have it available and how it works.

The first thing to do is check if we already have the application available . To do this, we open the Smart Hub and enter Apps. Once inside we will go to the 'Lifestyle' section and there we will find the Facebook application.

facebook videos on tv samsung app

Once located, we only have to install the application on the TV . For this we enter the application and click on "Install". When we have it installed, we will click on Open and the application will run. Being the first time we open it, a screen will pop up that asks us to log in to Facebook.

To log in we will need another device, either a smartphone or a computer . We will click on "Login" and we will see a white sign with a code. As the screen indicates, we will only have to go with the mobile or computer to the address and enter the code. On the device that we do, we will have to have our session started on the Facebook page.

facebook videos on samsung tv code

As soon as we place the code in the address and give the corresponding access permissions, the TV application will be up and running .

The application interface is quite simple . On the left side of the screen we have several sections: “Shared by friends”, “Following”, “Recommended for you”, “Featured live videos”, “Saved videos” and “Recently viewed”.

facebook videos on tv samsung menu

In the upper right area of ​​the screen we can see two icons. The first one is called "Settings". Although in reality the application does not allow to adjust practically anything. We will only be able to see the "Terms of Service" and the "Data Policy". The other icon will be our profile image. From here we can access the videos that we have shared .

facebook videos on samsung tv profile

As you can see in the image above, the application will show us our name and profile photo. We can even see the image that we have as the header in the upper area. From here we will have faster access to the videos that we have shared and the videos that we have uploaded.

In general, the operation of the application is quite fluid. Yes we have noticed some other 'jerk' in some videos, especially when going through the videos "live". But we must bear in mind that the application loads the video as soon as it passes over it . That is, the fluidity of the application will depend, to a large extent, on our Internet connection.

Below each video we can see the reactions to it , such as the 'likes'. We also see the number of comments the video has, as well as the times it has been viewed and shared.

facebook videos on tv samsung likes

Something to note is that the playback of the videos is continuous. That is, once we play a video, the application will play one video after another until we stop it.

We missed a search engine to locate videos . However, it is within the logic that it is not available. We must bear in mind that they are videos posted on Facebook, it is not a platform like YouTube.

In short, a very interesting application for owners of a Samsung Smart TV who usually consume a lot of video from the well-known social network. The interface is really simple and we only need to connect with our Facebook account to be able to watch the videos.