How to create a home group and set password with Windows

household group 01

The home group is a very interesting option in Windows 7 , since it allows sharing files between several computers within the same home network, and also printers that are connected to the network. In addition, multimedia streams can also be transmitted to other types of devices that are ready to receive them, such as digital photo frames or televisions. We tell you all the steps to create a group at home and to control access to it through a password.

First of all, creating a home group requires a version of Windows 7 other than Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic. These versions of Windows 7 allow you to join groups at home, but do not allow the option to create one. The first step is to go to the control panel (via the start menu) and then “Choose home group and sharing options” . Once inside, we choose the option to create a new household group and then we choose the type of files that we are going to share with other users on the network.

Create household group

Once it is loaded, a window will appear with the password that our home group will have by default. Then we can change this password at any time for another much more recognizable. Just go to the home group option in the control panel and choose “change password”. The minimum length of the password, for security reasons, will be eight characters. A simple way to manage the folders that we want to share can be done through the browser. We choose one of the folders, we give the right button, and then "share with".

Within the menu that appears we choose between the sharing options with the read-only option , that is, any connected user will not be able to modify the shared files or the folder, or with the read and write option (all users connected to the home group can share folders). It is important to remember that when using this option our connection must be considered by Windows as a “home network”.To launch multimedia sequences to other devices, you have to enable this option and then do it through the Windows player. Although the home group is a very useful option, it usually gives more than a headache due to conflicts with the names of the folders and even with the router.

Create group at home