The 10 funniest memes to celebrate Easter on WhatsApp

Holy Week

Finally Holy Week arrives . Whether you are a believer or not, whether you are studying or working, these days are ideal to rest and regain strength. If you are lucky. Exams on the way back, workers who have to stay at the foot of the canyon, processions and family commitments ... And all this with a very high probability that it will rain at the wrong time . A sweet difficult to ingest if you do not use a large dose of love, patience and good humor. We have decided to collect ten of the funniest memes to celebrate Holy Week through WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. Happy Easter everyone!

And we start with one of the concerns that gives us the most headaches these dates. Easter seems to be a rain magnet and a real case study for research programs ...

Holy Week Meme

If there is one thing we can be sure of in this world, it is that it rains at Easter. Unfortunately, it never rains to everyone's liking .

easter meme 01

Of course, the problem is not only in the people who have to work on these dates. There are also other activities that can generate the same sympathy on these special days.

Holy Week Meme

Of course, not everything is bad at Easter. There is also that beautiful part, with the push of faith, the conviction to be a little better and to sacrifice for others, the love for the processions and for everything they mean ...


But let's face it, even if we weren't believers… Wouldn't our life be a little sadder if we decided to end this party?

easter meme 08

Let's not kid ourselves either, it's not always heaven to celebrate Holy Week. Especially if you live in certain places in Spain .


It can also be difficult for foreigners to get to Spain and appreciate our traditions straight away ...

easter meme 06

There is a character that can never be left out of a compilation of memes worth its salt. We speak, of course, of the great Julio Iglesias, the man without whom the celebration of Father's Day would never be the same. And you know.


Okay, it's a very bad joke. But it sure starts to make you more funny when you're in the middle of the celebration with good food and good wine. And, with that face ... How could we not make room for this young athlete?


We end the review with a wish. May the rain respect these days, so that people who want to go out to celebrate Holy Week can do so without fright . Happy Easter!


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