Sony HX90, HX90V and WX500, new compact superzoom

Sony HX90

The new Sony HX90, HX90V and WX500 represent the new proposal of the Japanese giant in the field of compact zuperzoom . And it is that all three models share the same goal ZEISS Vario-Sonnar with an optical zoom of 30x , plus dimensions compact , ideal to carry while on vacation or going out hiking. All have WiFi and NFC technology to share our photos without having to go through the computer or connect any cables, and also include the same 18 megapixel sensor and practically all the rest of the specifications except theOLED optical viewfinder of the HX90 and HX90V . For its part, the HX90V is aimed at the more adventurous users thanks to the GPS connectivity that will record the exact location of each photograph.

As we have said above, the three new Sony compacts share practically all their technical specifications. The most important is undoubtedly the superzoom goal signed by ZEISS offering an opening of f / 3.5-6.4 and a focal length of 30 increases , equivalent to a 25-750 mm in the traditional passage of 35 mm. The sensor Exmor R CMOS has a resolution of 18.2 megapixels and runs power by a processor BIONZ X . All three models also feature a 3-inch 921,000-dot TFT LCD screen.resolution that, as is the norm, can be turned upwards at an angle of 180 degrees to be able to take self-portraits (you know, selfies) in a more comfortable and effective way. Both the HX90 / HX90V and the WX500 also offer an image stabilizer that will come in handy when using the extreme zoom and are capable of recording video in Full HD format . In terms of effects, Sony has included thirteen different modes to apply to photos, plus another seven designed to personalize videos.

Sony WX500

Moving on to connectivity, the three new Sony come equipped with Wi-Fi and NFC . This means that we can share our photos in the same moment that we have taken them, without having to wait to get home to transfer them to the computer. And is that the Wi-Fi port will allow us to send the photos directly to a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi Direct . And if we have a next-generation smartphone, the operation will be even easier, since with the NFC connection we can make the same transfer with a simple touch between the two devices.

Sony WX500

By now you will be wondering what are the differences between the three models, right? Well, it seems that Sony has wanted to orient the HX90 and HX90V to the most amateur users of photography, since both cameras have a practical integrated OLED optical viewfinder . This feature is popular with serious hobbyists and is also very useful on very sunny days when the screen receives too much direct light to clearly display the photo. For its part, the HX90V adds GPS connectivity to the list of features to record the location where we have taken each photograph. Regarding the WX500, this model is clearly intended for users who are looking for a compact camera that covers any shot or subject, no matter how far away, but who do not value or do not need the optical viewfinder. Additionally, while the HX90 / V will only be offered in black, the WX500 will be available in black, red or white .

To finish, the three new Sony incorporate the same battery although with different results once we get to take photos. Thus, HX90 and HX90V offer a range of up to 390 photographs that stays in 360 shots if you use the optical viewfinder, while the WX500 reaches the 400 photos on a charge. The new Sony HX90, HX90V and WX500 can be reserved from next June , and their retail price will be 470, 450 and 400 euros respectively.