Logitech Wireless Drum Controller, an alternative version of the Guitar Hero drums


Taking advantage of the fact that the Guitar hero 5 is about to go on the market, and that it is going to do so with a new battery quite similar to the first version , Logitech has decided to launch its own device . It is the Wireless Drum Controller , a battery for playing the musical video game Guitar Hero . This particular version is designed to be used with the version of the game for consoles PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 from Sony . And thanks to the wireless system it incorporates, similar to that of this console, we can connect the device without any installation.

But what stands out in this version of the Logitech signature is not that it is wireless, far from it, because the original version is also wireless. Instead, it stands out for its design, which is quite close to that of a real electronic drum kit, and for the features that this new device offers .


On the one hand, the size of the pads has been increased, or the area where we must hit at all times, according to the colors that the game itself tells us . In this way, it will be easier to hit when hitting, especially for those who do not have much experience with this game. In addition, the sensitivity of the pads has been improved, so that if we hit very fast, no hit is lost, even if some of them are a bit loose . However, this detail will be difficult to appreciate if we are not great experts in this video game .

Even so, the design of the cymbals or the kick pedal has not been changed, as has happened with the new version presented with the Guitar Hero 5 . But if we were already used to playing with the previous edition, and we want an improved version of this, we can get it for $ 230. Or what is the same, about 165 euros to change . And we will have to wait to see this device adapted to other consoles.