ORII, Go2Sleep and JackComR3, the smart rings of 2019

ORII, Go2Sleep and JackComR3, the smart rings of 2019 (1)

Smart rings are becoming more and more prominent in the world of wearables. In case smart bracelets or smartwatches seemed too bulky, these gadgets, much more discreet, share several of their functionalities .

In this special we will thoroughly review some of its most outstanding models , while delving into the world of Smart Rings for those unfamiliar with these unique wearables. Hopefully after reading these lines you have a clearer idea of ​​what they are, and what criteria to follow in order to get the model that best suits your needs. We started!

What are smart rings and what are they for?

These new smart devices are nothing more than simple rings with discrete dimensions of only a few millimeters, and which incorporate an LED screen. Therefore, they are a much more comfortable alternative for those who do not like bulkier wearables and prefer to track their metrics using a smaller accessory.

With the smart rings we can receive notifications or calls in real time thanks to its Bluetooth technology . As you can imagine, this can make life easier for us in everyday things such as, for example, responding to the mobile phone more immediately.

Other of its functions are to receive incoming mail alerts, text messages or updates from our favorite social networks. In addition, if we have a device attached, we can take photos with total comfort . Finally, we cannot ignore the fact that they do not need to be charged, which means considerable energy savings, in addition to the convenience that this implies.

Of course, smart rings are not in great abundance, as are other smart gadgets. Therefore, given the lack of available references, choosing the perfect ring is much more complicated. But there is no reason to worry, since we bring you 3 models that more than cover all the functionalities described here .


What started as a crowfunding project by Origami Labs , the startup behind ORII, to get the necessary funding for its project back in 2017, has ended up becoming a reality.

This ring makes use of voice control and bone conduction to receive calls by simply touching our ear with the finger that wears the ring. In other words, it turns our hand into a mobile phone. Sounds amazing right? This is possible thanks to sound vibrations that are emitted from the device and that travel through our finger, allowing us to listen to our Smartphone when we press the ear.

For this we will have to download the Orii application and turn on the smart ring . Then ORII connects with Siri and Google Assistant so that we can control our mobile phone through the smart ring. Thus, we can use the voice assistant of our smartphone to make calls, send and read messages, set alarms, or simply publish on social networks. There are countless functions.

Otherwise, this ring includes Bluetooth connectivity , a CapSense button to activate your phone's smart assistant (Siri or OK Google), and dual noise-canceling microphones.

The ORII smart ring is available through its website for a price of 135 euros in four different colors (gray, red, black and silver).



We are facing another product that has its origin in crowfunding, and it is perfect if what we want is to control the quality of our rest and gain in quality of life .

Being a ring specialized in monitoring our sleep, Go2Sleep is capable of performing various types of measurements while we sleep. Among others, it provides us with monitoring of sleep time, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep cycles and AHI index. Finally, based on these metrics, the device is able to provide us with a comprehensive report on the quality of our sleep hours .

To use it, we will only have to put the ring on one of our fingers while we sleep. It doesn't matter if it's at night, or while we take a little nap. Being so discreet, we will not even notice that we are wearing it .

In addition, the Go2Sleep ring is ultra-sensitive, and just capturing the capillaries of our fingers will be enough to extract the necessary data to analyze our rest.

If we want to get the Go2Sleep ring, we can find it for a price of 140 euros.


NFC JakComR3

Our last reference on the list incorporates NFC short-range wireless interface . In other words, the same technology used in credit or debit cards with a «contactless» function. In fact, you can make payments with this ring just by holding it up to a dataphone.

To use this ring, we first need to install its dedicated app that is available for both Android and IOS devices. Through it we can configure all the functions of the ring. Among others, we can assign automatic tasks such as locking and unlocking the phone, making calls or playing music. We will also be able to unlock our Smartphone, or share information with other people's terminals such  as photos, messages, etc.

To activate it, we will only have to bring it closer to just 15 cm from the device with which the communication is going to be established, which must also be compatible with NFC near field communication .

Finally, it should be noted that we are facing the cheapest reference in this list. You can find the NFC JackComR3 ring through Gearbest for a price of approximately 20 euros.

We hope that with the information provided in this special you can get an idea of ​​the panorama about fashion wearables . Maybe you become real experts before they become fully democratized.