10 very curious robots with surprising applications

10 very curious robots with surprising applications

Robot is a peculiar word: it comes from the Czech 'robota' which means in our language 'work'. And yes: robots help us with multiple tasks every day and, for some, pose a threat: can our jobs be in danger because of these 'robots'?

We wanted to bring you a very interesting special: to make a compilation of the 10 most curious robots that we have seen on the YouTube video platform. Perhaps many of them are not going to pose a real danger to our job market but they can leave us with our mouths open, thanks to their curious, extravagant, surprising and curious applications.

With you, 10 very curious robots with surprising applications.


Perhaps in the future the danger will not be the sharks on the beach but this terrifying robot that can swim underwater and on dry surfaces. Watch out, look down!


A 1.20 m tall humanoid robot, capable of detecting human emotions and interacting with people. Very suitable for lonely and emotionally deprived people as the robot can show empathy.


Imagine that Mazinger Z wanted to adopt a dog. Well, BigDog would be the chosen one: a quadruped robot created by the Boston Dynamics company for the US military. It can carry a load of 150 kilos on it while walking at a pace of 6.4 kilometers per hour.


Stop bothering your partner by asking for massages at all hours. The little Wheeme will give you all the massages you want thanks to its wheel system, precise movements and vibration.


A giant robot capable of ravaging the human race ... although we hope not. The Kurata robot is 4 meters tall and its arms are equipped with weapons and rockets . They can be operated from the inside or remotely controlled from the outside.

The cockroach robot

A real and live cockroach, controlled by remote control thanks to a small 'backpack' attached to its body . You can control the spoon thanks to a mobile application. Its creators claim that it can be used to detect survivors in natural disasters. Others, that it is plain animal cruelty.

Flu Robot

This robot manifests the symptoms of the swine flu virus to help doctors treat it more appropriately. The robot is made of a material similar to human skin and can sweat, cry and convulse .


A robot destined to help clothing stores: its body can be modified to the point of making it customizable to any type of person.

The animating robot

The Korean baseball team Hanwha Eagles came up with a great way to get buzz after the crowd defected due to too many consecutive defeats: replace them with humanoid robots. Those who stay at home can send their face to appear on the robot, while it cheers, screams, sings and even makes the wave.

The robot ass

Samsung created an extremely particular robot to test the resistance of one of its terminals, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is about buttocks, clad in jeans, which simulated a pressure of 100 kilos on the device.