This is the technology with which the remake of the Lion King was created

Lion King

It premiered this July and is the sensation at the box office. Not surprisingly, it is a remake of the Lion King himself, a classic that already left us overwhelmed in 1994, when Disney released it . Many were in their earliest childhoods and enjoyed it greatly.

Although the inevitable dose of drama it contained left us almost breathless . The music, the plot and the animation was the most applauded by the critics and, in fact, it was this that surely contributed to turn that film into legend. Today in remake.

A remake, by the way, that is not without controversy. And is that, despite having achieved a spectacular collection of 185 million dollars - nothing more and nothing less than 165 million euros - a few days after its premiere, fans of the Japanese anime Kimba, the white lion consider that the new The Lion King movie too much copies the original 1950 manga and a version made for television between 1965 and 1967.

But beyond the controversies, it should not be missed that the Lion King of 2019 is a super production developed with the most powerful technologies . But which ones exactly? We find out what's behind this tape, below.

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This is the only real shot in #TheLionKing. There are 1490 rendered shots created by animators and CG artists. I slipped in one single shot that we actually photographed in Africa to see if anyone would notice. It is the first shot of the movie that begins The Circle of Life.

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What technologies have been used in the Lion King?

The Lion King wants to be, to start with, a realistic film. And the technologies have done it. However, no one is aware that each and every one of the shots in which animals appear are artificially made . That is, by computer. It is, therefore, an imposed realism.

In fact, the film's director, Jon Favreau, has recently revealed that there is only one real scene in the film . Yes, one that was not made through the computer, but shows the purest reality of the African savannah. But no more.

As Favreau explains, the film contains a total of 1,490 shots created by CGI animators and artists. This shot was taken in Africa and the director introduced it to see if anyone would notice. And the truth is that nobody noticed it. It is the first image that appears in the film, while 'The circle of life' is playing , the tune that celebrates the birth of Simba. And here it all begins.


What is CGI technology?

All this helps us to tell that CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) technology is perfect for imitating reality. In fact, Computer Generated Images are one of the most common techniques for creating science fiction movies. It is a good formula to make the scenes look as real as possible. It is a technique that began to be used for the first time in 1973, in the film Westworld.

Over the years, technology has evolved. Proof of this have been great successes like Jurassic Park, Star Wars or even Iron Man. But how has CGI been used in The Lion King? 

The Lion King is not an animated movie. Why? Well, because it has not been done entirely through the computer. Captures were made in the studio for most of the shots , using various people and gadgets. From there, CGI was used to adjust the movement of the authors and create the images that can ultimately be seen on film.

But it is also that the study of the Lion King added other technologies to the project. Such as virtual reality (VR / AR), which served to capture the action from almost every angle . The large number of images obtained in the study allowed the team to choose from a wide variety of captures.

That is why, having been captured through a camera rather than being generated from a computer , the film has been labeled as a live action film, rather than a tape within the animation category.