▷ Argentina vs Spain: how to watch the final of the Basketball World Cup online

final spain argentina online

Argentina and Spain are thus two basketball teams that will face each other on September 15 in China. After the victory of Spain against Australia and Argentina against France, the two Spanish-speaking teams will face each other this Sunday in a match that will be broadcast in open air in much of the world . Spain is one of the countries where it will be broadcast completely free of charge. It will do so through Cuatro, the chain owned by the Mediaset group. The rest of the channels of the chain will also be enabled for online viewing.

Schedule of the Final of Basketball Argentina against Spain

The Final of the Basketball World Cup between Argentina and Spain (or Spain and Argentina) will take place next Sunday, September 15, that is, tomorrow, starting at 2:00 p.m. Spanish time . The broadcast can be followed live through the Cuatro channel owned by the Telecinco group.

In the rest of the countries, the match will take place at the following time:

  • Time in Spain : 2:00 p.m.
  • Time in Mexico : 07:00 in the morning
  • Time in Argentina : 9:00 in the morning
  • Time in Chile : 08:00 in the morning
  • Time in Colombia : 07:00 in the morning
  • Time in Ecuador : 07:00 in the morning

How to watch the Basketball World Cup Final online on the Internet

In addition to Cuatro, the channel with the rights to the China Basketball World Cup, the Final between Spain vs Argentina can be followed by other alternative channels if we choose to view it on the Internet .

Four live

One of the possibilities that Cuatro offers us to see the Final of the Basketball World Cup goes through its website.

Argentina Spain Direct Final Basketball

The platform, called Cuatro en directo, is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera , so if we have Microsoft Edge or Safari as the main browser, we will have to use one of the browsers compatible with the web.

It should be noted that its use is limited to users residing within Spain , so if we reside outside the limits of the peninsula, it is best to use a VPN extension to watch the game live like the ones we have just linked.

MiTele app

The second alternative that Cuatro offers us is based on the official Mediaset application called MiTele.

In addition to having channels such as Telecinco or FDF, the application has the live broadcast of Cuatro. Unfortunately, its performance leaves a lot to be desired , so it may not be the best option to see Argentina against Spain face off live.

Like the web version of Cuatro, to make use of it we will have to reside in Spain . Otherwise, we can use a VPN application, as is the case with Nord VPN

DTT Spain application

If we want to see the final on mobile, one of the best applications for Android is DTT Spain (online TV). In general, its operation is more agile than that of MiTele , with a somewhat higher transmission quality than that of the latter.

basketball final online

The stability of the connection is also higher than that of the official application, which directly affects the number of cuts. The good news is that we won't need a VPN network to watch the game live.

External websites

There are many external web pages that allow us to watch this and any football or basketball game online. A few weeks ago we collected some of these in the respective article on 14 alternatives to Roja Directa to watch sports online.