AliExpress Plaza, how shipping from Spain works

AliExpress Plaza, how shipping from Spain works

Aliexpress has become one of the leading merchants on the Internet. This Chinese giant offers us a large number of articles from the Asian country, which we can buy for prices that are often ridiculous compared to what they ask us in our country. AliExpress Plaza is a complementary version of AliExpress, which has warehouses in Spain to streamline order delivery processes, as well as offering many other additional advantages that we will explain to you in this article.

AliExpress Plaza has a warehouse in Spain and a Spanish guarantee

The main advantage of AliExpress Plaza is that it has a product warehouse within Spanish territory . This is a very important difference compared to Aliexpress, since all the orders that we buy within Aliexpress plaza will be sent from the Spanish territory itself.

Another consequence of the products being sent from the Spanish warehouse is that we will have an official guarantee in our country . AliExpress Plaza offers a 2-year warranty period on all types of electronic technology products, the same warranty that we find in any Spanish store.

Spanish guarantee

A very important advantage of having a Spanish guarantee is that all claims can be made within our country, so you will not have the need to send the products to China for repair or replacement.

Spanish guarantee 2

Free shipping in a few days and no surprises in Customs

AliExpress Plaza states that all packages are delivered within a period of 3 to 5 days . It is true that Aliexpress also offers us the option of selecting an express delivery, but these are premium shipments that can be very expensive.

Free shipping in a few days

In the case of AliExpress Plaza, you will find that many of the products offered within this platform are shipped completely free of charge, so you will not have to pay a single cent more to receive your order in a matter of days instead. weeks.

Have you ever been surprised to have to pay customs fees and taxes when buying a mobile from China? With Aliexpress Plaza you avoid any type of problem related to customs , since all the products that we can find within this platform include all taxes corresponding to the Spanish market.

Much faster and more agile returns

AliExpress Plaza offers us a period of 15 days within which we can return all the products that we have purchased within this platform. All returns will be directly to the Spanish warehouse.

easy returns

You can process all these returns within the Aliexpress Plaza customer service, which is in operation every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fewer products and more expensive

So far it seems that everything is advantages if we buy in AliExpress Plaza, but as often happens in this life, nothing is pink.

The amount of products that you will find inside AliExpress Plaza is quite large, but it is very small compared to what you will find inside the Chinese version of Aliexpress.

In addition, the prices in Aliexpress Plaza are always higher than the prices that you will find within Aliexpress for the same product. This is because the prices of Aliexpress Plaza include all the taxes of the Spanish market, and all the costs of bringing the product to our country are also included.