How to synchronize your WhatsApp conversations with WhatsApp Web

sync WhatsApp

Last year WhatsApp launched the web version so that its users could send messages to their contacts in a more comfortable way through the computer. The service is available for Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome, three of the most popular browsers. The web client is simply an extension of the phone, that is, we have the same conversations and messages as on the mobile device. Now, what happens if we start one on WhatsApp Web and want to continue it later in our mobile application? There would be no problem, you just have to sync both platforms. We explain how to do it.

WhastApp Web was born so that we can write to our contacts from our computer, either on a PC or laptop, also from a tablet. Before the company launched this possibility, we could only write from the application of our mobile phone. There is a way to have the web service and the WhatsApp app synchronized , so that we can continue or leave our conversations for later without problem.

sync WhatsApp

Once you have installed the latest version of the application on your mobile, you will have to enter settings . You will see that several options appear and one of them is WhatsApp Web (shown just below highlighted messages ). Upon entering, a message will appear stating the following: "Go to on your computer and scan the QR code." So you don't know what a QR code isIt is simply a system that offers the possibility of storing information in a kind of last generation barcode. Once on the web you will have to let the code and your phone number know each other. As soon as the application recognizes it, the new session will be activated in the browser.

Do not forget, when you are inside WhatsApp Web, to leave the Keep session started box selected . In this way, you will not have to go through the process again every time you want to connect. To reduce the consumption of mobile data, remember that it is best to connect the device to a WiFi network . Despite meeting the basics, the web version is still pretty green. There are functions that are not available for now, such as unavailable notifications, the controversial blue double check, or muted. To silence the notifications you will have to completely silence the application.Yes, on the other hand, the desktop notifications are well worked. We will be notified of new messages on the PC screen. Very useful is also the possibility to send files from the computer directly.

Having already overcome the barrier of one billion users, WhatsApp is a machine for making users. The application servers are working flat out. And it is that, every day more than forty million text messages, 1,600 million images or 250 million videos pass through them, which, curiously, only 57 workers manage.