Primux 1401, this is the 200 euro Galician laptop that triumphs at Amazon

Primux Notebook 1401

A Galician company has managed to place one of its laptops among the ten best sellers on Amazon . It is the  Primux Notebook 1401, a laptop with Windows 10 and a price of only  200 euros .

From the brand itself, they point out that one of the keys to success was knowing “our needs around technology”. In other words, they have been able to detect the functions that are essential for the realization of their laptops . The objective is to launch competitive products with a very attractive price. And, for the moment, they have succeeded. They are in the top ten best sellers on Amazon. We contacted Primux to test their laptop first hand.

Primux Notebook 1401

The features of the Primux Notebook 1400

First of all, the aesthetics of the Primux Notebook 1401 are striking. In a matte white color, one of the most interesting details is its elegant silver logo, right in the middle of the top cover. If we talk about materials, polycarbonate is used, a surface on which our fingerprints will not be marked thanks to its roughness.

As for external connections, it has two USB ports, an output for headphones , and an input to insert a microSD card. On the side of the left side we will have another USB port for adults, a mini HDMI output and the input to plug it into the current. Its charger is striking, far from those of conventional laptops, it hardly bulges.

If we look at the screen, we will have 14.1 inches with a black frame around it . Its resolution is 1,366 x 768 pixels in HD. If we make video calls, on the front of the laptop we will have a 0.3 megapixel camera.

Primux Notebook 1401

As for the interior, it has an Intel Atom Z8350 Quad Core processor supported by its 2 GB of RAM, and a storage that reaches 32 GB. Keep in mind that Windows 10 occupies about 8 GB, so we will have approximately 20 GB free for storage. In case this is not enough, we can expand the space thanks to its entry for a microSD card.

One of the strengths of the Primux is its autonomy. Its 10,000 mAh battery will offer us up to 8 hours without having to worry about plugging it into the power. Arrives at 300 hours on standby. The time that we have tested it, making normal use, it is surprising that it has lasted a little longer than what the brand itself assures . Something that plays very in your favor. Especially due to the fact that it is a very fine piece of equipment, which weighs just over a kilo and a half.

Primux 1401, this is the 200 euro Galician laptop that triumphs on Amazon 1

Is the Primux Notebook 1401 worth buying?

If we talk about the relationship between quality and price , the answer is yes. From Primux they have opted for a light team, which works satisfactorily if we are not users who make the most of the team and we like to put them in trouble when running several applications at the same time.

If a tablet is not particularly comfortable for us to work with, but we are looking for a laptop with similar dimensions and light weight, the Primux Notebook 1401 could be our ideal ally. Its dimensions are 350.7 x 232.6 x 20.2mm and the weight does not exceed a kilo and a half . With what is very comfortable to transport and will give us the necessary facilities.

As for the negative part, although they have put great care in the finishes, the keyboard can give the feeling of being a bit fragile if we type with a little more energy than the average and sometimes it does not respond in an ideal way. As with the naked eye, some small errors in the assembly of the equipment can be detected, but it is something that does not affect the general use of the equipment. Of course, we must remember that we are facing a laptop with a very reasonable price - it does not reach 200 euros.

On the other hand, the laptop comes with a small manual for Windows 10. Some general ideas for anyone who has not tried this version of the Microsoft operating system. The most interesting thing is the fluidity that we will have at the work level, being efficient both when installing applications and when we are working with the team.