How to show only unread messages in Gmail

How to see only unread Gmail messages

Gmail is a very useful tool from the search giant Google . It is a very interesting alternative to the Hotmail email client , since its filters to combat spam and its less widespread use make it possible to better get rid of this annoying scourge of junk mail . But there are some points where you still need to improve this service, such as handling unread emails. Today we bring you a trick to be able to see only unread emails on the screen.

And it is that if many emails are received, in the end it is common that, due to an oversight or lack of time, the read emails are mixed with the unread ones and some of the latter go to previous windows of the main one (normally 50 emails are displayed in each window). When it comes time to reopen your email, it can be a bit annoying to have to search for messages that haven't been reviewed yet . But Gmail offers a search tool that can avoid this step.

Gmail trick

Once inside the program's interface in the browser, we write the following term “is: unread” (without the quotes) in the search box and we give it a search. Gmail will list only those messages that we have not read yet within the main folders. This search mode also allows you to perform specific searches in different Gmail folders . For example, if we write “in: inbox is: unread”, only those messages that we have not read will appear in the Inbox folder .

In addition, through "in: trash is: unread" we can do the same in the Trash folder , and in the same way in the spam folder with "in: spam is: unread" . Lastly, the term "in: anywhere is: unread" will appear for unread messages in any email folder . In short, it is a simple trick with which we can organize our messages in a more efficient way when we check the mail.