5 Pokémon that exist in real life

Pokemon go

If you have already totally hooked on Pokémon GO , you will be delighted to know that many of those Pokémon that you catch from your smartphone exist in real life : there are species of nature with very reasonable similarities to Pokémon.

In this article we are going to introduce you to Pikachu, Scyther, Bulbasaur, Caterpie and Poliwag from real life. Taking into account the madness generated by phenomena such as the movie  Finding Nemo  (which is bringing the clown fish species to the brink of extinction), we hope that Pokémon GO players will not become obsessed with capturing the “animal-Pokémon " In real life.

Pikachu: the sea slug  Thecacera pacifica

Real pikachu

Thecacera pacifica is a yellow sea ​​slug with a tail and spots that are quite reminiscent of Pikachu . This animal has a very extensive habitat, since it has been seen in areas of the Gulf of Mexico but also in Indonesia, Mozambique, Vanuatu (in Oceania) and in the Atlantic Ocean.

In Japan it has become famous and many have nicknamed it Pikachu nudibranch .


Poliwag is a transparent tadpole from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world, and scientists are constantly discovering new species of both animals and plants. And it looks like the adorable Poliwag could be nothing more and nothing less than a transparent tadpole like the ones in this photo:

Transparent tadpoles


Weepinbell is a carnivorous plant


There are many carnivorous plants that have this inverted pouch shape to trap flies, mosquitoes and other insects. In the case of the Pokémon Weepinbell, there is no doubt: it is more than likely that the creators were inspired by these types of plants to give life to the character.

Caterpie (Cerura vinula)

Royal caterpie

This is undoubtedly one of the funniest animals if we consider its resemblance to the Pokémon Caterpie. The caterpillar is practically the same color and the shape of the ends are definitely reminiscent of the structure of the Pokémon.


This curious species can be found in much of Europe and also in North Africa and in temperate areas of Asia.

Scyther ( Polyura sempronius )


As in the previous case, what we see in the photograph is the caterpillar of the species  Polyura sempronius . The shape of the head, with the antennae, is quite similar to Scyther's head, although the rest of the body structure is not so similar.

Scyther in real life

This species is a native of Australia.

Curious ways to create real Pokémon

Although in nature there are many species of animals and plants that are very similar to Pokémon (or that have even served as inspiration to the creators of the Pokémon universe), there are also many photographic montages that manage to create Pokémon models that also seem real .

Bulbasaur photomontage

And, of course, there are also ideas to paint or disguise pets in search of the same effect: the Internet is full of photos of yellow cats to become Pikachus, although we suppose that kittens are not too funny ...

Pikachu cat