The 10 Alexa skills you need to try

The 10 Alexa skills you need to try

Alexa Skills are small applications for Amazon's virtual assistant, which allow us to greatly expand the possibilities offered by its smart speakers. We have compiled the 10 most interesting Alexa skills that you should try right now if you have a device compatible with this technology.

All of these skills can be installed using the internal skills store found in the official Amazon Alexa app. You just have to tap on the menu on the top left and access the skills section. Then use the search engine at the top to locate them.

install alexa skills

We now go to see the 10 most interesting skills of Amazon Alexa.

Trivial, pure fun

trivial alexa

Fun is one of the most important components in life, so this Trivia skill is the best way to start this compilation of the 10 best skills for Amazon Alexa that you should try.

This is a skill that will allow you to play the famous classic Trivial Pursuit game both alone and with a maximum of three friends. It has 2 levels of difficulty that you can select according to your needs, as well as the possibility of making the application limit the questions only to content appropriate for children.

Undoubtedly an essential skill for all Amazon Alexa users, it ensures hours and hours of fun with your best friends and family.

Cookpad, become a cooker

cookpad alexa

Amazon Echo smart speakers are one of the best tools we can use when cooking. Forgot a recipe step or ingredient? You just have to ask this great virtual assistant, and he will offer you an answer in a few seconds.

The Cookpad skill for Amazon Echo will allow you to access thousands of cooking recipes in a very simple way . In addition, it includes other interesting functions, such as the possibility of setting a timer, thanks to which you can control the cooking times of your recipes.

Once you have asked for a recipe, she will love you step by step through the entire process. The application will also offer you valuable information, such as the approximate time of preparation of each of the recipes.

Bamboo, your ally to meditate

bamboo alexa

We live in the middle of an increasingly stressful society, so it is important to find a daily time to relax and meditate. Bamboo is one of the Alexa skills that you should try without any doubt, since it will allow you to relax and leave your mind blank for a few minutes in a simple way.

Bambú will guide you step by step through the mental relaxation technique , thanks to which you can free your mind from all thoughts for 5 minutes. All this will help you relax and thus have more energy for the rest of your daily activities.

Hue, control your smart lights

hue alexa

Philips Hue is one of the best sets of smart lighting devices that we can find on the market. This family of products includes a wide variety of light bulbs, LED strips and other lighting elements, all of them fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.

The Hue skill will allow you to perfectly control the lighting of all Philips Hue devices . You can turn on and off the different lights, regulate intensity, modify the color, and even create different environments to adapt to all your situations.

Something you should keep in mind is that to use this skill, you will also need to have the Philips Hue application installed on your phone.

Newscast in four minutes, all the news on your speakers

Newscast in four minutes alexa

We are now going to talk about the official TVE skill. It is a great application that will allow us to be informed of everything that happens in our country while we have a coffee.

You will only have to use the small voice command "Alexa, what is the news of the day" so that this skill offers you in a summarized way, all the most important information that has happened in the last hours . Amazon Echo Spot users will also be able to access a video summary of the most important news of the day.

Drinks or cocktails, surprise your guests

Drinks or cocktails alexa

Drinks or cocktails is an Alexa skill that you can use to guide you step by step in the preparation of the most popular and modern cocktails . Undoubtedly an essential application for all fans of this type of preparation, it will surely help you surprise your guests.

English with Oxford, learn with 5 minutes a day

English with Oxford alexa

We continue our compilation of the most interesting skills for Alexa with English with Oxford. It is a small application that you can use to improve your level of English in just five or ten minutes a day. It will help you learn a lot of useful vocabulary , grammar and expressions.

SensaCine News, the latest in cinema

sensation alexa

SensaCine News is a news application that has been specifically designed for fans of the movie world . This skill offers you the best daily summaries of everything that has happened in the world of cinema.

Renfe AVE information

Information Renfe AVE alexa

This is the official Renfe skill, which you can use to know the different routes and timetables of AVE-type trains. It will also help you to know the free places that are left in each of the routes, as well as the price you will have to pay to get one of them.

Telephone numbers of interest, the best telephone directory

Phones of interest alexa

We can consider this skill as the best telephone directory of the 21st century. It will allow you to use your Amazon Echo smart speakers to instantly get the phone you need , whether it deals with the police, emergencies, the civil guard, the fire department and much more.

What do you think of our selection of the 10 most interesting skills for Amazon Alexa? Do you have any suggestion? You can leave a comment with your experience about Alexa skills to help other users.