How to put the at symbol on any PC

How to put the at symbol on any PC

Arroba is one of the most used symbols in a world that is becoming more and more digital. However, many users do not know how they can write this also important symbol in their day-to-day tasks. That is why we have prepared this article in which we explain how to use the at symbol on any PC and on Android phones.

The at symbol was originally born for use in email addresses, but its usefulness has increased a lot in recent years thanks to the emergence of social media. For example, Twitter is a social network that uses the at symbol to mention a user.

arroba on twitter

Keep reading this article at the end if you want to learn how you can enter the at symbol on keyboard Windows and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices. In the latter, the process may not be entirely reliable, and it is that many times the manufacturers and their own custom keyboards that have modifications.

How to type at on keyboards for Windows and Linux

First, we will see how to type the at symbol on keyboards used by computers based on Windows and Linux operating systems.

In these cases you just have to use the simple key combination " Alt Gr + Number 2 ".

windows keyboard at

If you use a keyboard designed for a language other than Spanish in Spain, the key combination required to use the at symbol may vary slightly. Next, we leave you a list with some of the most common cases.

  • Laptop with numeric keypad: Ctrl + Alt + 2 or Alt + 64.
  • Keyboard in Spanish for Latin America: Alt Gr + Q.
  • US English keyboard: Shift + 2.
  • English keyboard for the UK: Shift + `.
  • Italian keyboard: Alt Gr + Q.
  • French keyboard: Alt Gr + à.

Another possibility is that you are using a keyboard designed for Windows on your Mac, in this case the previous key combination will not work. Instead you will have to use "Windows + Number 2" to type the at symbol.

How to write at in macOS

We will now see how you can enter the at symbol on an Apple computer and with the macOS operating system.

The key combination you should use in this case is " Right Options + Number 2 ". It is actually the same key combination that is used in Windows and Linux operating systems, only in the case of keyboards designed for Apple computers, the screen printing of the letters is different.

mac keyboard at

How to write at on mobile devices

We come to the most complex part of this article, which is to explain how we can write the at symbol on the different mobile devices that we can find in the market.

Most virtual keyboards for mobile devices have the at symbol located on the same key that we use to write the letter "A" . We simply have to hold down the key to type the at symbol.

at on android keyboard

Other virtual keyboards have the key to type the at symbol just above the space bar. Finally, in some cases you will have to open the alphanumeric characters on the keyboard to find the at symbol.

at on android keyboard 2

How to copy the at symbol

Copying the at symbol is exactly the same as copying any other character. If you are using a computer like this, you just have to select it with the mouse cursor, then the right and select copy.

On mobile devices you will have to press and hold on the symbol until a pop-up menu appears where you can select the copy option.