ili Wearable Translator, the portable travel translator arrives in Europe

ili Wearable Translator, the portable travel translator arrives in Europe

But Spain is still out of their plans for the moment. And it is that the ili Wearable Translator travel translator continues to develop its availability network in different markets around the world. A tool focused on making translations completely independent of our mobile. That is to say, a device that does not need an Internet connection or be linked by Bluetooth to the phone to do what it does: translate short and simple sentences from one language to another to be able to communicate under any circumstance and anywhere. Of course, whenever you go to London or Amsterdam for one of their devices.

And it is that those responsible for ili Wearable Translator continue not to open to distribution to Spain for some reason. Even when the device considers Spanish as one of the languages ​​in which to translate unidirectionally. For now, the team behind this device allows sales over the Internet with shipments to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. A service that is now expanding with retail sales in two specific cities: London and Amsterdam , thanks to marketing agreements with large-scale firms.

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In this way, it is possible to instantly purchase an ili Wearable Translator just by visiting London Selfridges & Co in London or De Bijenkorf in Amsterdan. Two renowned shopping centers in these cities that now include the translation product. Of course, its price is still 200 dollars, about 173 euros to change .

A translator without an internet connection

The interesting thing about ili Wearable Translator is its capabilities. It may not be the most related and correct translator on the market, nor the most capable considering that it is one-way. However, its skills and design allow you to take it with you on any trip and make it work instantly without wasting any resources beyond its battery. Which is recharged like a mobile and that allows us a continuous use of a day of tourism without running out. Neither Internet nor link to mobile. He is completely independent when carrying out his work.

Its design is reminiscent of a large pendrive or a very small remote control. But the smart thing about this size and button layout is that it is very comfortable and intuitive to use. It's like a pocket walkie-talkie. All you have to do is turn it on and then press the button for translation, dictating out loud the phrase we want to translate. After 0.2 seconds, the translation is broadcast through your loudspeaker so that the interlocutor understands the phrase. And that's it.

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The limitation of this translator is that it is one-way. Only the user who carries it can translate from their language: English. Unique and exclusively. Of course, its creators have thought that, with English, you can reach almost anywhere. This is why ili Wearable Translator translates into Chinese, Japanese or Spanish . You just have to click on a side button to switch between these languages ​​that are pre-installed on the device. According to its creators, this decision to make it unidirectional is for practical reasons. In this way, slow and erratic conversations do not occur. It is more useful if an order or a query is made that does not need a response, just an indication.

Its creators have thought of ili Wearable Translator for situations such as transport, indications for tourism, being able to orient oneself when shopping, or even to order in restaurants where the local language is not spoken. Of course, always using simple and short phrases to avoid bad translations.