The 3 types of most sold products in Wallapop

 The 3 types of most sold products in Wallapop

More and more people are deciding to sell items that they no longer need or use, either to earn a little money, to save space or both, in the comfort of their mobile phone, thanks to applications such as Wallapop. The oldest of the place will remember publications such as Cambalache, a disaster drawer in which the user could find work to sell a used bicycle. Times change and now we can carry out any purchase and sale transaction, free of charge, and from a device that fits in your pocket.

Wallapop was born in 2013 as a collaborative business between individuals, geolocated closely to each other, to facilitate commercial interaction. Only two years later, it would become the company with the highest capital income in Spain, with a total of one billion dollars (892,140,224 euros). How has Wallapop accomplished such a feat? Well, among other reasons, for being able to convince thousands of people that the sale and purchase of used goods can be very beneficial for everyone. And what articles are we talking about? We will talk to you below about the three best-selling product categories in Wallapop.

wallapop flamenco dresses

The dresses are the product more Wallapop climbed during the last month. In April, no less than 250,000 dresses were exhibited among the pages of Wallapop. Many users decide to upload more than one fashion item per month, since the closets are small and fashion is cyclical. The tables become the second best sellers of the application, followed by bicycles. Despite a quarter of a million dresses being uploaded to the app, this is the app's third best-selling item.

In addition, a new garment has entered the Wallapop sales trends strongly: the flamenco dress, undoubtedly sponsored by the Seville April Fair (although this year it fell in May). According to data handled by the application itself, more than 10 out of every 100 dresses seen at the Seville April Fair were bought through Wallapop.

It seems that recycling is a fashion that hits hard. Shows like Marie Kondo's on Netflix are committed to minimalism and practicality. Consuming responsibly also involves reusing utensils that still have a lot to say.

wallapop table dresses

If you want to get rid of something to earn some money and space, you can download Wallapop . The application is free and weighs about 50 MB. Then you can create a totally free account and start uploading articles. Thanks to geolocation, you can sell and buy your items to people who are close to you, thus saving on shipping costs and carrying out transactions personally, something that is much more reliable. The registration process is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes. Next, you only have to upload photographs of the item you want to sell and, remember, if they are dresses, tables or bicycles, they will sell faster than the rest.