The best websites to find cheap flights

The best websites to find cheap flights

In not too long time one of the most beloved holiday periods for the Spanish is approaching, that of Holy Week. These are spring days, with better weather, when you want to make a getaway to escape the routine. Ideally, if you plan to take a plane, you should already prepare your trip. The sooner you do it, the better prices you will find. On the Internet there are hundreds of pages specially created for this purpose. We are going to review the best of them. We are sure that they will help you get cheap tickets for your destination.


It is one of the most popular websites to buy cheap air tickets. As soon as you enter the page you will see a search engine to choose your destination and place of origin. It is possible to add nearby airports or only direct flights. In the main portal they also recommend different destinations, a map in case you have not just decided and some of the cheapest flights you can find right now. Once you have entered the parameters indicated in the search engine, another website will be displayed comparing the flights in different companies. Filters can be applied. For example, it allows you to sort by cheapest option, fastest, time, airline or by stopovers.


If you look at it, on the left side of the web you can manually select the information you want to obtain. You can know the duration of the flight or uncheck those companies that do not interest you. You can also manually choose the hours you prefer to fly, or whether or not you care about a stopover. Likewise, you have the possibility of getting a hotel at the best price, also through the same website.

Skyscanner is one of the most used websites to fly because it compares more than 1,000 airlines in just a few seconds. In this way, you will always be able to get a good offer. Of course, the key to achieving this is to be flexible. Logically, if you can only travel on a certain day and time, it will be much more difficult. Another advantage of Skyscanner is that you can see quite complete price comparisons . A whole month or even up to a year. This will allow you to hunt down an interesting bargain. Also, when you locate a cheap flight, it automatically redirects you to the corresponding airline.

The fact of buying the flight on the offer's own website saves you from paying management fees. Skyscanner is completely free . You may also be interested to know that it has a price alert. So, after searching for a flight you can create one to receive an email when the price goes down or up.

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Advantages of Skyscanner

  • Includes low cost companies
  • Comparisons with annual and monthly graphs
  • It tells you the cheapest month of the year to fly
  • No management fees. It's completely free
  • You have price alerts


We can say that Kayak is a super cheap flight search engine. Not only does it search between airlines, it also searches between the comparators themselves. This means that it is very complicated that if you browse this website you miss the best price. That is why it is highly recommended that you consult it. The website is very similar to Skyscanner's. As soon as you enter you will see a search engine. Select the flights tab. There is also a section included there that allows you to compare the prices that Kayak gives you with those that are handled at that time in other companies such as Iberia or eDreams. You choose if you want to mark it or not.


Once inside the website in question you will find the cheapest flights for the date you have selected. The order is displayed from lowest to highest, so the best offer is first. Kayak allows you to track prices , so you will receive emails with the changes that arise for that trip. On the left side there are a series of filters. You can order by recommendations, choose the payment method, if you want stopovers or not, or the hours you prefer. In addition, it allows you to filter by airports or airlines.

As you can see, the operation is very similar to that of Skyscanner. But Kayak beats this website for one thing. In the round trip flight search option, in addition to specific dates or the cheapest one, there is also the option of "Flexible Weekend". Thanks to it you can find many offers for a weekend getaway. The multipath option is also very interesting, especially if you are thinking of taking a trip through Asia or going around the world. If you dive through it, you can plan where to go during your trip around the Earth. It offers you the possibility of searching up to a maximum of six routes in a single search.

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Kayak Advantages

  • Gratuitous
  • Travel tips
  • Accurate filters
  • Notices with price drop
  • Search between comparators


Momondo's interface is intuitive and very attractive. So if you want to find cheap flights without losing your life on it, this can be a great opportunity. Its search engine occupies the central part of the web and through it you can find flights (one way, round trip or multiple destinations). If you just want to explore and see how the prices are by destinations, choose "Take me anywhere". This option is perfect if you are still not sure where you want to go. Once you enter the dates, a world map will appear with the cheapest tickets for those days. This is one of the strengths of the Momondo comparator and that positions it above many rivals.


You can also explore by continents or put directly the country you are interested in visiting. Momondo takes a while to find the best prices. It also has filters to select the stopovers, desired times or preferred airlines with which to fly. Another of its features to highlight is that it shows the available flights based on the fastest, cheapest or best. In each one the price appears so you can see the difference in each one and choose the one that suits you best. When you have selected it, Momondo will take you to a website so you can pay it safely.

In Momondo you can also enjoy price alerts for the places you want to visit. In this way, you can observe the variables that are produced throughout the days. During my experience using this page, I can say that I found it more intuitive and comfortable when it came to managing searching for flights than the others. It has many possibilities in a really attractive interface.

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Advantages of Momondo

  • Possibility of comparing rates by entering the variant of nearby or alternative airports
  • Rate each flight from 1 to 10 so you can easily see which one meets your expectations
  • Price alerts for the destinations you want to visit
  • Possibility of viewing the available flights based on the fastest, cheapest or best


Another of the most famous websites to find cheap flights is eDreams. Its interface is dynamic and simple and also allows you to select up to 3 flights at the same time. What does this mean? Well, basically you can go jumping from flight to flight if you want to know different cities of the world during your vacation days. For example, you can choose a flight from Malaga to Rome, stay for two days and then go from Rome to Paris, stay another two days and from Paris home again. This is something that sets it apart from its competitors.


eDreams also makes available to Internet users a series of discount codes to spend in different destinations. So you can save a few euros on your next vacation. When navigating we did not find any problem. Select your destination, dates and eDreams will make multiple combinations to find the best price . As in the pages mentioned above, it also gives you the option to apply filters according to your interests. There is also the possibility of canceling some flights for free, but always on a certain date. It should be noted that prices include management fees when paying with Viabuy Prepaid MasterCard (limited to 1 purchase every 3 months, per buyer, passenger or card number).

eDreams also gives you prices for the same destination on other dates. This is perfect if you really don't care when to travel. This way you will save a few euros. On the web you can also take a look at the offers of the day or advice for your trips. In addition, you can also create alerts that will inform you if the destination you want to travel to drops in price at any time. In this way, you can find your flight at some point at a price that really interests you.

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Advantages of eDreams

  • Possibility of choosing up to three flights at the same time
  • Simple interface
  • Alerts
  • Filters
  • Cancel some flights for free
  • Guarantee of "Minimum Price Guaranteed" on all your trips


If you want to quickly locate a flight package plus hotel, Logitravel makes it quite easy for you. You just have to enter the web and see the options that they propose. It's a way to save a few euros if you really don't care about one destination or another. You will see a series of hotels for you to choose the one that interests you the most. They all have descriptions and ratings. Both in the packages and in the flight search engine individually you can apply a series of filters. You also have a section on top flights that shows the cheapest destinations of the moment. And not only that, Logitravel allows you to search for cruises, beach hotels or circuits and great trips.


Logitravel is a very simple page with facilities. The truth is that when searching for some flights an error has occurred and it has not been possible to know the prices, something that has not happened at any time with the previous websites. However, the normal thing is that you do not have any problem and that it allows you to locate all the information you need quite quickly.

Advantages of Logitravel

  • Flight plus hotel packages to save money
  • Search Filters
  • Top flights section
  • Trips combining two or more destinations

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