Google Gravity, what would the Google search engine look like if it were affected by gravity?

Google Gravity, what would the Google search engine look like if it were affected by gravity?

Imagine that the laws of gravity, which tie us to the ground and hold us firmly to the earth (and to the Earth, too), affected our Internet browser, more specifically Google Chrome. Well, you don't have to imagine it, you can see it yourself, right now, if you type on your computer 'Google Gravity' on the Chrome home page and then we're going to click on 'I'm going to be lucky'.

Google falls on us!

Apparently nothing happens when the new page opens. It is a page like the previous one, with the Google logo in colors, the search bar, nothing outside of what we normally see. Now, try moving the mouse or start writing on the bar. What happen? Well, thanks to an imaginative animation, everything we see will collapse before our eyes, as if, indeed, it was affected by a special gravity inside our computer.

Google Gravity

We have tried to move the computer from one side to another, even turning it upside down and nothing has happened ... because our computer does not have a motion sensor. But, what if we do the same but on the mobile? It is much more fun and curious. We enter, again, Google Chrome and put the magic words in the search bar. Now, try moving your mobile phone sideways and up and down: all the elements on the screen will go crazy and wander aimlessly, colliding with the walls of the terminal.

The 'Easter Egg' (or 'Easter Egg, as they are called in English) are common to find in the Google search engine, not sticking only to this gravitational phenomenon. We can also find the barrel page if we write 'Do the barrel roll' (the page will turn on itself); click on the Infinity Gauntlet if we write 'Thanos'; if we search for 'Askew' (crooked, in English) we will be presented with the crooked page; if we place 'Zerg Rush' a tribute to Starcrash will begin in which we can shoot on colored circles and, finally, if we write 'Snake' or 'Pacman' we can play, respectively, the mythical snake game or the classic Pacman.